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 Jasmine's Ask Session

Q7: Chug-a-lug: *brings Jasmine flowers* Where would you like to go for a date?

A7: I'd love to but unfortunately, I'd be hurting Bob's feelings if I did since he offers me many dates.
Q6: Bloatenator: Can you slam your butt hard into a tree, please?

A6: Even if I physically could, I'd probably break the tree and/or get hurt.
Jasmine Answer 5 by MasterYubel Q5: RainbowXDashie: What are you going to do with all that weight?

A5: Well I have been letting the world know of my beauty whether they like it or not.
Q4: Teardrop: Do ya care about yer weight by any chance?

A4: I LOVE my weight. It's very sexy the way it bounces and jiggles.
Q3: Speedybolt: Belly rubs?

A3 :My belly is ready.
Q2: I-like-pie-so-much-2: How did you get like that, Jas?

A2: See, my body never accepted nutrients, but it wasn't clear why so I assumed it was a birth defect. I could eat apples all the time with no result. Since it was pointless to continue, I started eating fatty foods, which made my body blossom until now, where it's like I have an immunity because I can eat fatty foods without any change and I love it.
Q1: Hotmail12345678: Now you like fat but is there anything you hate about fat at all?

A1: Hmm, the only the only thing that bothers me with fat is that when it comes to narrow openings. Fat is not adjustable.