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 Bob's Ask Session

Q6: Sonnitude: How do you feel about Balloonys or inflation?

A6: It's just not the same as seeing a pony with lots of squishy flab.
Q5: Hotmail12345678: Can we see you nose kiss with your Jasmine doll?

A5: None
Q4: Funfest11: Would you like to be fat?

A4: I thought about that myself but I'd rather not be so that I can feel all of Jasmine's weight on me.
Q3: Hotmail12345678: Where would you most like to be to be rubbed, the make or the tail?

A3: Either is fine by me.
Q2: Wackotime: Do you wanna belly bump me?

A2: Sorry but I think I'm a little small for that.
Q1: Sonnitude: What would you do if the true Jasmine actually asked you on a date?

A1: That would be SO GREAT! I'd probably pass out just from seeing her.