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 Double Stuffed's Ask Session

Q6: Bloatenator: Would you like to go binge-eating with me?

A6: I'd love to. Just name your place.
Q5: Hotmail12345678: How fat are you?

A5: The scale says I weigh 129lb and I think that's about right for me.
Q4: Wackotime: Would you and me belly bump when we get chubby? =3

A4: Well I'm already past chubby and I haven't done that before but it sounds fun.
Q3: Sonnitude: Double Stuffed, how did you get that name?

A3: Easy. I always eat two of what I order and I'm fatter than my sister Oreona in Ponyville, whom also has an oreo cutie mark.
Q2: Mikey1000: Hey Double Stuffed, ya ever mooned someone?

A2: Not on purpose.
Q1: BellyLover13: Hey Double Stuffed, have you ever overstuffed yourself on sweets before?

A1: All the time!