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 Love Kiss' Ask Session

Q6: 4-Chap: What do you do in winter?

A6: Naturally, I do spend the holidays with my family but once the new year arrives, I'm back to dating. I may also leave a gift to a possible candidate.
Q5: Bloatenator: Give my little brother Spike some "sugar".

A5: I'm afraid he looks rather young to get a night out.
Q4: JinxtheShadowyHero: Would you give my OC Gliych some love?

A4: None
Q3: Bloatenator: Would you like to be stuffed with fruit from the jungle?

A3: I'm afraid I don't know what fruit or jungle you're referring to, sweetie.
Q2: Lightcast: Hi you sexy one. Do you think we can go out tonight and make out?

A2: Name your time and place and I'll be there.
Q1: cvRenamon: How did you get your cutie mark?

A1: It was on my first date. I was very nervous and so was my date so after we had dinner we tried giving each other advice. I didn't think I gave good advice but the next day my cutie mark appeared.