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 Chatrina's Ask Session

Q14: Bloatenator: Can you dress like a jungle girl?

A14: Given the size of my body, I don't think that'll happen.
Q13: BlueSoul23: Can I sleep on your stomach?

A13: I'd love that but you'd have to ask my mom first.
Q12: Maumeepanther: What does your weight have to do with eating fruit?

A12: Well it's my current diet and until the weight is gone, life is hard for me.
Q11: PharaohHound: How'd you get you rname?

A11: It's my grandma's name.
Q10: Jioojyadaisy: What is your favorite type of fruit and can we see you eating some?

A10: Well I do enjoy grapes but I can not eat them on my own due to my weight.
Q9: Wackotime: May I rub your tummy?

A9: I'd LOVE that!
Q8: Jioojyadaisy: Do you like swimming?

A8: I did before I got this big. Now I can only float.
Q7: Maumeepanther: Can we see your rump in a bikini?

A7: I'm too fat for any of the clothes here.
Q6: Hotmail12345678: Can you nose rub the pony you love in a friendly way?

A6: Wish I could but my belly would just get in the way.
Q5: Hotmail12345678: Can we see Eduardo give you a nice white chocolate sauce massage?

A5: None
Q4: Hotmail12345678: Can you give me and Rockstar a big hug as you're on top of us?

A4: I can but it will take an army to get me into place.
Q3: BlueSoul23: Can you help me get bigger?

A3: I'm not really the pony to ask about that. Maybe try my sister Mocha?
Q2: Funfest11: Belly bump?

A2: None
Q1: Riddleoflightning: Would you like a cookie?

A1: It would have to be low in fat as I'm not allowed to have junk food.