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Ask Sessions (Page 3)

Name(s) Title Card Description
South Pole The wife of North Pole had her share of questions.
Nurse Cutie Patootie One of Pudgyville's well-known nurses took questions next.
Sunny Nights Ponyville's avid fan of rare weather phenomena had some questions to answer.
Pea Pod Pie Neat Pea's daughter cautiously took questions in hopes her mom wouldn't find her, though she has one mature artwork reply.
Neat Pea Ponyville's (and partially Pudgyville's) arrogant hater of fat exposure took questions next.
Starlight Moonlight Pudgyville's avid fan of fan fiction had some questions to answer, including 1 mature artwork reply.
Slippery Slope Ponyville's slippery female took questions next.
Shuffle Fluff  Pudgyville's messy pizza delivery pony had some questions of his own. 
Clover Cutie Ponyville's hard-to-get dating pony had her own share of questions.
Slim Fast Next up for questions was Ponyville's extreme fitness instructor.
Bloom Daisy Beauty Belle's sister and avid fan of shiny clothing had some questions, including 1 mature artwork reply.
Flower Princess Ponyville's pre-FiM drama queen took questions next.
Inky Blink Pudgyville's tattoo artist took questions.
Decimator Pon-Evil's leader and most dangerous pony had some questions to answer but wasn't too kind when answering them.
Toffee Cream Mocha Cream's cousin managed to avoid trying to eat everything in sight to answer questions, including 1 mature artwork reply.
Grammar Slammer Ponyville's avid corrector of grammar had some questions.
Noodle Doodle Ponyville's games inventor took time to answer some questions.
Cactus Cathy Pudgyville's cactus fan had some questions to answer.
Nibble Knick-Knack Glamour Giggle's assistant took questions next.
Rebecca Pudgyville's avid fan of even colors had questions next, including 1 mature artwork reply.