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 Chloe's Ask Session

Q7: Bloatenator: Can you down a huge bottle of soda in 10 seconds?

A7: I'm not really the pony to ask about that.
Q6: Teardrop: Ah got a good question. What's yer all time favorite food?

A6: That IS a tough question. I would consider pizza my favorite.
Q5: Weightgainer2814: Will you willingly smack your rump for me?

A5: Perhaps I will, perhaps I won't.
Q4: AutumnStorm: What would you do if BlackLightning and I ganged up on you in a snowball fight?

A4: I've actually never been in a snowball fight before.
Q3: Hotmail12345678: How do yoy have money for these shows?

A3: What do you mean?
Q2: Sonnitude: Have you ever had someone cheat on your game show and if so, how did you handle it?

A2: I've never owned a game show. I've never even been on one.
Q1: Awesomechick: How do I add people as friends?

A1: What do you mean by that?