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Beauty Belle's Ask Session

Q10: Chug-a-lug: How'd you get so perfect?

A10: I was born perfect, literally, all thanks to my mom.
Q9: WhiteBoneDemon: Don't you just hate it when you leave your house early in the morning and then WHAM! Out of nowhere, a giraffe comes along, kicks you in the crotch and then runs away?

A9: What's a giraffe and why would it do that to me?
Q8: FekeroroTheDemonKeronian: How low can you go?

A8: What are you referring to?
Q7: Products7677: What is your dream size?

A7: This IS my dream size, unless you're talling about something else.
Q6: ZX-Furry: What would happen if you became a giant pony? Would your perfection be doubled?

A6: Don't I wish. However, that changes who I am and thus removes my perfection.
Q5: Hotmail12345678: If you're perfect, what fashion clothes or items would you recommend?

A5: None because perfection doesn't need changes.
Q4: Hotmail12345678: Do you think you'd still be perfect if you were skinny?

A4: Why of course. Being perfect means being me, fat or skinny.
Q3: Hotmail12345678: What started your ego?

A3: My  mom once said "You're perfect. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." Later, I modified it for my own purpose.
Q2: Bloatenator: Can you kiss Truffle Delight?

A2: Bring him or her to me and we'll see.
Q1: Rocky1234: Are you good with hugs? If so, can you hug me?

A1: That depends. Are you as perfect as I am?