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Glamour Giggle's Ask Session

Q8: Lyric_The_Fennec_Cheetah_Tiger: What is your favorite thing about Pudgyville?

A8: I honestly can't really say. I don't spend much time in the places I visit when I'm on tour.
Q7: YourFriendTheBrony:Would you sit on me?

A7: Stop by Pudgyville the next time I'm in town and I'll autograph you.
Q6: Bloatenator:  Can you shake your butt for me, please?

A6: None
Q5: LisatheLynx21: What's your reaction to answering all of these questions?

A5: I enjoy the attention I get from fans.
Q4: Hotmail12345678: Any crushes?

A4: I generally am too busy with camera shots to notice.
Q3: Hotmail12345678: If you can date any Calorie Stealers or Waist Warriors member, who would it be?

A3: With all the traveling that I do, I've never met anyone with those names.
Q2: Bloatenator:  Do you like to wear diapers?

A2: I'm afraid I don't know anyone that wears such a thing.
Q1: Hotmail12345678: Why are you acting famous?

A1: I'm not acting famous, I actually am famous.