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 Grammar Slammer's Ask Session

Q7: FemKeroroTheDemonKeronian: Is FemKeroro pregnant or just fat?

A7: I'm afraid I don't know who that is, sorry.
Q6: FemKeroroTheDemonKeronian: So, how are you?

A6: Well, apart from the occasional interruption from Captaion Obvious, I'm fine.
Q5: Hotmail12345678: How does your family deal with this annoying correcting?

A5: They say it's good for me, though warn me not to overdo it.
Q4: Hotmail12345678: What's the worst mistake from spelling to typos you've ever had to correct?

A4: A research papper that was riddled with typos.
Q3: Hotmail12345678: If you were forced to wear clothing forever, what would it be?

A3: I'd wear a t-shirt that read "I tackle grammar like a football player tackles the opposing team."
Q2: Hotmail12345678: Any crushes?

A2: None yet, but I hope to find a pony that has near-perfect grammar.
Q1: FemKeroroTheDemonKeronian: So what's your powers?

A1: I'm the fastest and most accurate grammar checker.