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 Pea Pod Pie's Ask Session

Q7: Sonnitude: If you were able to travel, where would you go?

A7: Probably Pudgyville as it's the only place I really know about besides Ponyville. Plus I could have a better life there.
Q6: Hotmail12345678: What is your sexiest clothing and can we see a rump slap with it on?

A6: Sorry, I don't have any as my mom never let me buy any. Plus I wouldn't be bold enough to wear one here anyway. I hope this view of my rump is okay instead.
Q5: Hotmail12345678: If you could be obese for one day but still walk, what would you do for the one day of obesity?

A5: Probably sit on my mom while she's sleeping until she agrees to stop hating on fatties. Don't tell her, though.
Q4: Hotmail12345678: If Neat Pea is not into fat, what caused you to gain?

A4: Stress eating. I ate after each encounter I've had with my mom.
Q3: PopTheOtter: If we were hanging out and I asked you to lick my paw, would you do it? No, I don't have a paw fetish, lol.

A3: I don't know why you'd ask such a question.
Q2: PopTheOtter: Have you ever met an otter like me before?

A2: I don't even  know what otters are, let alone that you were one for me to have met before.
Q1: Sonnitude: How did you earn your name?

A1: My mom says it's from when I had a hammock that was too big and looked like a pea pod when I was in it. Oh and I was a big pie eater at the time too.