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 Starlight Moonlight's Ask Session

Q5: AxisBoldAsPony: Is your favorite color blue?

A5: Personally, I don't have a favorite color.
Q4: Bloatenator: Would you like to read some stories with me?

A4: Thanks but I'm more of a writer than a reader, though maybe we could read my fanfics?
Q3: Hotmail12345678: If you could read a pony's mind but only use it once, who would you mind read and what would you expect?

A3: I don't even know where  to begin with this one.
Q2: Hotmail12345678: Any crushes?

A2: Zachary. I love his old English.
Q1: Hotmail12345678: What's your most recent story about?

A1: It's not done yet but it's about Mocha and Truffle going on a dating cruise. Yes I got their permission.