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Big Beautiful Ponies
Hair: pink and dark red
Eyes: Light pink
Body: Dark purple
Personality: Always on edge
Fun Fact: She can watch reruns of her favorite game shows and never find them boring!
Hair: Light yellow and gold
Eyes: Purple
Body: Pink
Personality: Somewhat stern when it comes to inventory, likes to keep things tidy.

Fun Fact: She taste tests her inventory once a week!
Hair: Light blue and blue
Eyes: Bright green
Body: Fuchsia
Personality: Loves hearing and writing music, tends to lose track of time.

Fun Fact: Her piano has a note she invented herself!
Hair: Light purple and purple
Eyes: Pale blue
Body: Light orange
Personality: Can sometimes be in a hurry to make sure her customers are happy

Fun Fact: At least once a week she goes straight to Belly Buffet after school!
Hair: Light pink and pink
Eyes: Dark yellow
Body: Orange
Personality: Often makes up her own sports without realizing how unlikely they can be performed

Fun Fact: She once spent days coming up with a new sport!
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Brown
Body: Brown
Personality: Puts friends before chocolate sales, though often tries to sell them when ponies are hungry

Fun Fact: Her cutie mark smells like chocolate!
Hair: Light pink and pink
Eyes: Reddish brown
Body: Black
Personality: LOVES helping others
Fun Fact: Her list of activities is 1/4 of a mile long!
Hair: Light orange and light brown
Eyes: Gold
Body: Green
Personality: Often uses big words, then has to explain it to others.

Fun Fact: One time she spoke with so many big words that even she couldn't understand!
Ms Sheila
Hair: Golden yellow
Eyes: Bright green
Body: White
Personality: Outgoing, makes teaching fun
Fun Fact: She's Pudgyville's current teacher!
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Blue
Body: Pink
Personality: Can be a bit of a show-off, converts insults to compliments

Fun Fact: She's my first OC pony that is staying fat!