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Big Beautiful Ponies 2
Hair: Pale blue and blue
Eyes: Orange
Body: Light pink to pink
Personality: Can be aggressive when she's found a new fossil in hopes of figuring out its origins faster

Fun Fact: She's found nearly 20 species of ancient ponies!
Cloud Puff
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Yellow
Body: Light blue
Personality: Loves anything fluffy such as sheep and clouds

Fun Fact: She's been working to find a way to capture clouds for herself!
Hot Chocolate
Hair: Red and light purple
Eyes: Purple
Body: Light brown
Personality: Loves the cold, especially when she has hot cocoa

Fun Fact: She stores hundreds of hot chocolate boxes in her garage!
Sherbet Surprise
Hair: Red and purple
Eyes: Dark blue
Body: Light orange
Personality: Hates the cold, stays inside all winter
Fun Fact: She used a tanning bed to stay warm when the power went out one winter!
Cactus Cathy
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Light green
Body: Green
Personality: Loves hot temperatures
Fun Fact: Her hometown of Death Valley features the cacti she writes about in her books!
Hair: Pink and purple
Eyes: Aqua
Body: Light blue
Personality: Loves the rain, can be seen splashing around in puddles afterwards

Fun Fact: One time she was out in a downpour that lasted several hours!
Silly Pie
Hair: Purple and blue
Eyes: Light brown
Body: Black
Personality: Makes all bad situations silly ones
Fun Fact: She loves matching games!
Double Stuffed
Hair: White
Eyes: Light orange
Body: Navy blue
Personality: Enjoys buffets and makes sure no food is left behind

Fun Fact: Since her meals are doubled, her body halves the calorie intake!
Butter Bun
Hair: Light orange
Eyes: Light yellow
Body: Orange
Personality: LOVES peanut butter and forgets to clean it off her hooves when she's done, leaving others to obtain some when shaking her hoof.

Fun Fact: Her obsession with peanut butter started at a young age when she had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch!