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Hair: Purple
Eyes: Blue
Body: Pink
Personality: Can be a bit of a show-off, converts insults to compliments

Fun Fact: She's my first OC pony that is staying fat!
Backstory: Belly Beginnings
Relationships: Family
Ask Session: Ask Session
Jasmine's Gallery
Title: Jasmine's Rainy Day
Link: DeviantART: Jasmine's Rainy Day
Description: Even a little rain doesn't spoil her day!
Title: Jasmine and the Camera
Link: DeviantART: Jasmine and the Camera
Description: Posing for a fan.
Title: Jasmine's Twitter Advertisement
Link: DeviantART: Jasmine's Twitter Advertisement  *Mature*
Description: A clever way to get followers.
Title: Jasmine at McDonald's
Link: DeviantART: Jasmine Hypothetically at McDonald's
Description: Jasmine hypothetically working at McDonald's.
Title: Sexy Jasmine
Link: DeviantART: Sexy Jasmine *Mature*
Description: Enjoying the beach.
Title: Equestria Girls Jasmine New Pose
Link: DeviantART: Equestria Girls Jasmine New Pose
Description: Posing differently in the more traditional Equestria Girls' garb.
Title: Equestria Girls Jasmine
Link: DeviantART: Equestria Girls Jasmine
Description: Jasmine gets into the Equestria Girls spirit by dressing up!
Title: What If......Jasmine Weighed 200lb?
Link: DeviantART: What If....Jasmine Weighed 200lb?
Description: An improbably hypothetical situation putting Jasmine at Mocha Cream's weight!
Title: What If......Jasmine Had Blue Hair?
Link: DeviantART: What If...Jasmine Had Blue Hair?
Description: The idea of having blue hair doesn't really thrill her.
Title: Nurse Jasmine
Link: DeviantART: Nurse Jasmine  *Mature*
Description:  Here, Jasmine is a nurse and showing off her best side.
Title: Pudgyville Jasmine Toy
Link: DeviantART: Pudgyville Jasmine Toy
Description: A mock-up of what a Jasmine toy would like in its box if the toy were to be made.
Title: Super Shiny Jasmine
Link: DeviantART: Super Shiny Jasmine
Description: She's all shined up thanks to Shine-On!
Title: Kicking Back
Link: Photobucket: Jasmine Kicks Back
Description: Jasmine relaxing on the grass.