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Ms. Sheila
Hair: Golden yellow
Eyes: Bright green
Body: White
Personality: Outgoing, makes teaching fun
Fun Fact: She's Pudgyville's current teacher!
Backstory: Belly Beginnings
Relationships: Family
Ask Session: Ask Session
Mrs. Sheila's Gallery
Title: Ms Sheila as "Lovely Lecturer"
Link: DeviantART: Ms Sheila As "Lovely Lecturer"
Description: Generally first to confront the enemy and has a witty line to say when she does and provides the plan that the others execute.
Title: Saucy Ms Sheila
Link: DeviantART: Saucy Ms Sheila  *Mature*
Description: A brand new pose I'm introducing here as Ms. Sheila lounges at the beach.
Title: Ms Sheila's Big Book of Pudge
Link: DeviantART: Ms Sheila's Big Book of Pudge
Description: The front cover of the book Ms. Sheila uses for her lessons at times.
Title: Ms Sheila's Rump
Link: DeviantART: Ms Sheila's Rump *Mature*
Description: A view worth remembering because you likely won't get to see it again.
Title: Ms Sheila Toy Design Concept
Link: DeviantART: Ms Sheila Toy Design Concept
Description: She has about as many areas to poke as she does history on the town!
Title: What If.....Ms Sheila Weighted 145lb?
Link: DeviantART: What If.....Ms Sheila Weighed 145lb?
Description: She has no problem weighing more in this hypothetical situation.
Title: OC Ms Sheila Pre Weight Gain
Link: DeviantART: OC Ms Sheila Pre Weight Gain
Description: Ms Sheila before her weight gain and becoming a teacher.
Title: My OC Pony Ms Sheila outside
Link: DeviantART: My OC Pony Ms Sheila Outside
Description: Ms Sheila with a prototype design of her school in the background.
Title: Equestria Girls Ms Sheila
Link: DeviantART: Equestria Girls Ms Sheila
Description: Pudgyville's school teacher has decide to lay back for a bit after much dancing!
Title: Big Beautiful Ms Sheila
Link: Photobucket: Big Beautiful Ms Sheila
Description: Hanging out outside.