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My OC Pony Galapeno Hair: Bright green
Eyes: Light orange
Body: Red
Personality: Thinks she's the center of attention
Fun Fact: She can handle any spicy food!
Backstory: Belly Beginnings
Relationships: Family
Ask Session: Ask Session
Galapeño's Gallery
Title: Waitress Galapeno
Link: DeviantART: Waitress Galapeno
Description: Ready to take orders from customers in her restaurant.
Title: Galapeno's Belly Tease
Link: DeviantART: Galapeno's Belly Tease
Description: Galapeno sharing the goods.
Title: Saucy Galapeno
Link: DeviantART: Saucy Galapeno
Description: The only kind of saucy artwork that is still SFW.
Title: Galapeno's SPICY Uncensored DVD Volume 1 Cover
Link: DeviantART: Galapeno's SPICY DVD Volume 1 Cover *Mature*
Description: What one of her self-made DVDs looks like on the cover.
Title: Galapeno's Cutie Mark
Link: DeviantART: Galapeno's Cutie Mark
Description: A view of her cutie mark.
Title: Galapeno as "Spicy Sweetie"
Link: DeviantART: Galapeno as "Spicy Sweetie"
Description: Galapeno's Superhero form.
Title: Discord'd Galapeno
Link: DeviantART: Discord'd Galapeno
Description: Discord having his way with the spicy one.
Title: Galapeno Toy Concept
Link: DeviantART: Galapeno Toy Concept
Description: A toy design of her.
Title: Galapeno's Beautiful Butt
Link: DeviantART: Galapeno's Beautiful Butt 
Description: A slghtly lower and closer view of Galapeño from behind.
Title: Round Red Rump
Link: DeviantART: Round Red Rump *Mature*
Description: Another view of Galapeno's glorious rump.
Title: What If....Galapeno was Skinny?
Link: DeviantART: What If....Galapeno was Skinny?
Description: To her, this'd be a big blow to her fun as she loves letting the world see her best side but it's all hypothetical.
Title: Equestria Girls' Galapeno
Link: DeviantART: Equestria Girls Galapeno
Description: She knows just what the viewers want and shows her best side in her Equestria Girls outfit!
Title: Galapeno's Outdoor Pose
Link: Imagebam: Galapeno's Outdoor Pose *Mature*
Description: Galapeño puts her best side into view.