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Big Beautiful Ponies Page 10
Fall Fairy
Hair: Black and white
Eyes: Gold
Body: Red
Personality: Loves autumn and decorates her hair with the leaves

Fun Fact: She hates windy autumn days because they mess up her decorated hair and the fall colors!
Beauty Belle
Hair: Light blue and light purple
Eyes: Orange
Body: Fuchsia
Personality: Tends to think of herself as flawless and others not as perfect.

Fun Fact: She'll use her fat as a means to convince doubters that she is perfect!
Mr. Blossom
Hair: Light orange and orange
Eyes: Blue
Body: Light yellow
Personality: Loves serving food, can be sneaky when he tastes his own food

Fun Fact: Initially, he was a picky eater but now he's expanded his variety!
Mrs. Blossom
Hair: Yellow and gold
Eyes: Brown
Body: Sky blue
Personality: Loves eating food in places that fit with the food's description

Fun Fact: She'll eat multiple plates of the fitting food!
Ocean Shores
Hair: Pale yellow and green
Eyes: Gold
Body: Blue
Personality: Loves sailboats
Fun Fact: She's writing a book on sailboats!
Caramel Coconut
Hair: Orange and brown
Eyes: Pale green
Body: Tan/light brown
Personality: Hates covering her rump, likes walking backwards

Fun Fact: Sometimes she even pins her tail down to one side so that her rump is fully in view!
Storm Swarm
Hair: Dark green and dark blue
Eyes: Red
Body: Dark gray
Personality: Malicious, destructive, bossy
Fun Fact: He can clone himself and change the weather!
Glamour Giggle
Hair: Light pink and pink
Eyes: Purple
Body: Fuchsia
Personality: Loves doing Hollywood-type shows
Fun Fact: Once a month, she allows one pony to travel with her for the week!
Rain Drops
Hair: Yellow and gold
Eyes: Blue
Body: Teal
Personality: Hates rain, especially the noise it makes on the roof

Fun Fact: She'd much rather live in the desert where rain is few and far between!
St. Pudgemas
Hair: Bright green and green
Eyes: Blue
Body: Dark red
Personality: Fun loving, delivers gifts, hates cold
Fun Fact: She delivers them as she passes over the houses!