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Big Beautiful Ponies Page 11
Tapioca Treat
Hair: Light yellow and gold
Eyes: Tan
Body: Pale yellow
Personality: Loves to be a part of desserts
Fun Fact: Ponies have found her inside tubs of ice cream when they were delivered!
Summer Surprise
Hair: Red and dark red
Eyes: Bright green
Body: Light pink
Personality: Hates surprises, especially if they take long to happen

Fun Fact: She doesn't like any holiday where there's a surprise waiting for her!
Playful Plum
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Body: Black
Personality: Enjoys belly rubs, has lots of energy
Fun Fact: She rubs her belly for good luck!
Latte Cream
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Gold
Body: Mint green
Personality: Tends to bend the rules to keep everyone happy

Fun Fact: One time, she let Mocha play outside while doing her homework!
Twinkle Sprinkle
Hair: Blue and light blue
Eyes: Gold
Body: Dark blue
Personality: Playful, energetic in spite of her weight

Fun Fact: The stars she leaves behind can be picked-up and stored!
Slippy Love Beat
Hair: Green and orange
Eyes: Purple
Body: Red
Personality: Stands up for what's right, will intercept any illegal activities

Fun Fact: She works undercover for the FBI!
Mrs. Drops
Hair: Purple and blue
Eyes: Fuchsia
Body: Light blue
Personality: Sometimes laughs uncontrollably for seemingly no reason

Fun Fact: She always keeps paper and pencils around in case she starts laughing randomly!
Mrs. Darling Diamond
Hair: Red, yellow and blue
Eyes: Pale yellow
Body: White
Personality: Can be repetitive, especially at her job of being a dentist

Fun Fact: She'll typically give patients multiple teeth cleaning products and toothbrushes before they leave!
Mr. Drops
Hair: Bright green and green
Eyes: Orange
Body: Blue
Personality: Hates going just over the amount he wants such as with time and liquids

Fun Fact: He often mistakes look-alike products for the real thing!
Kettle Corn
Hair: Orange and light orange
Eyes: Light orange
Body: Gold
Personality: Has too much fun with tasks and thus often overdoes them

Fun Fact: She could spend an entire day rearranging one section of a bookshelf!