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Special Equestria Girls: Dance Magic Aired:
June 24 2017
We find the occupants of Canterlot High washing cars while Pinkie Pie cheers them on.  It turns out to be Big Macintosh's car and they get paid as a result. Rarity asks for a break and the group agrees but Twilight is missing. Luckily, Twilight appears after counting their earnings thus far but it's only half the money needed to fix Camp Everfree. They could wash more cars but the parking lot is empty and they have a week left before the deadline.
Rarity is next in line for an idea as most of the others have already helped out with duties of their own and assures she'll have the idea ready when they meetup again. With that, the others head off, leaving Rarity and Spike alone but Spike was already aware that Rarity was lying between her teeth. We get a very short intro to the special and the title card before we find Rarity still without an idea after 3 hours at the mall. As if on cue, the TV above her plays an advertisement for a Chance-to-Prance contest with a cash prize for 1st place. All that is required is a music video and Rarity races to sign up.
However, she's not alone as the students from Crystal Prep are there too, intending to enter the contest and revealing how things have been going with Principal Cadance now in charge. Rarity submits her entry and learns just how fierce the compeititon is, assuring that the red dress she saw earlier will help her group win. The Crystal Prep students have an idea of their own but make it a surprise. With that, Rarity departs and explains her idea to the others. The only problem is they need money to make the costumes but the prize is more than double what is needed to fix camp everfree so the group agrees to lend Rarity the money.
Despite the risks Twilight calculates, Rarity heads off. Later, practice gets underway but it's not going smoothly at all, leaving Rarity to become angry but she relaxes to explain their faults. The dance moves may be difficult but they need to bring their A-game if they want to beat Crystal Prep. Applejack wants to get back to dancing and Pinkie Pie agrees, showing her own dance moves (that look like moonwalking). They resume from where Rainbow Dash enters but Sunset Shimmer's motion tears into Rainbow Dash's jacket, prompting Rarity to make an emergency trip back to the mall for fabric.
At the mall, Rarity manages to get the fabric but finds her competition using her idea right before her eyes. Back inside, Rarity is busy sewing the jacket back together when the others barge in with the text she had sent them. Rarity breaks into tears as she explains the situation but calms down with Pinkie Pie's help and realizes it's her own fault the idea was stolen. Applejack figures it was probably for the best given that the costumes were better than their dancing, leaving them all to snicker but Rarity says they were making progress and isn't giving up.
Rarity wants to give Crystal Prep a piece of her mind but has no idea how to get there so Twilight opts to come along to perhaps convince them otherwise. The duo sneak into school but it takes a bit to find the dance studio as Twilight had never been to that part of the school (kinda like me and the principal's office back in high school where I didn't know where it was despite having gone to that school for a while). They arrive just as the Crystal Prep girls finish their routine but find it difficult to convince the trio at all.
Feeling defeated, Rarity and Twilight head back, regretting her decision to enlist them to help. However, doing things quickly is what they do best and Rainbow Dash provides Pinkie Pie's chocolate castle as proof. The group literally put their heads together to get an idea but each of them misses the point of the video. With noting accomplished and the deadline for the video the next day, Rarity angrily storms off, leaving the others disappointed. Later, we find Rarity eating a sundae to deal with her sorrow but she overhears the Crystal Prep girls with a dilemma of their own involving their music video.
Rarity interrupts the conversation with a possible solution. The plan is put into action and the others are delighted to see the stage until Sunset Shimmer notes that Crystal Prep is using that same stage. Rarity calls the girls out and that leads to a different reaction, even once the plan is fully explained. However, things start coming together with each pair helping out, right down to the song lyrics they'll be singing. Once things are ready, the music video starts. When it's over, we find that the gang were watching it on TV, apparently having won as they share their excitement for their goals being realized.
The group head off for a celebratory sundae, but Rarity and Sour Sweet lag behind to discuss a possible performance at the Spring Dance.