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Movie My Little Pony: The Movie (Part 4) Released:
June 20, 1986
As they progress, even Danny finds himself spooked and Molly has her fun making fun. Megan ends the fun and finds out where they are on the map. However, the trees come to life and fire branches at them, prompting the group to bolt. With a little help from Fizzy and Wind Whistler, the group make it out of the forest and find a much more peaceful place ahead. They just have to make it past the tall furry plant but it turns out to be Augh and he's not happy.
The group take shelter in a cave but there's no other way to Flutter Valley so Danny decides to lure it away with food and is successful, letting the others have a chance to escape but are trapped behind and eventually on a sticky web. Augh returns but the group escape before can make them his pray. They still need to get past Augh but Molly had read spiders are ticlkish and goes to try it despite Danny's protest (and I'd be agreeing with Danny).
It works so Megan grabs more of the plant for everyone to help tickle it into submission. As a result, the web discinitgrates and the group make a run for it after Molly gets a kiss from Danny she'd rather forget. They end up at a rocky wall and start climbing but Megan slips and ends up back within Augh's reach. Wind Whistler realizes Megan is in trouble and distracts Augh while Megan climbs back up. At last, they reach the top and arrive at Flutter Valley. It's better than they imagined but the Flutter Ponies don't seem like they'd be able to stop the Smooze.
They walk over to talk to them but they hide and fly away instead. Luckily, one of them named Rosedust isn't afraid and is queen of the Flutter Ponies. They explain their situation but Rosedust says they won't help and asks that she and her group be left alone. However, Morning Glory arrives to protest against declining to help as Spike and Lickety Split helped get her out. Nevertheless, it's not the Flutter Ponies' fight (though why are you even there if you won't even help remove what you're supposed to be able to remove?) but Megan and others say otherwise as Lickety Split wouldn't be there if it weren't for the Grundles.
While Rosedust decides, Paradise Estate and the ponies are next in line with the Smooze and the witches are confident it's over for the ponies but the ponies head to the roof to imagine being saved by Megan and the Flutter Ponies. Sure enough, they all arrive and reunite while the Flutter Ponies take charge of the Smooze and the witches. Try as they might, the Smooze isn't strong enough to defeat the Flutter Ponies and they push it further and further away. Dream Castle and the Rainbow of Light reappear before the Flutter Ponies restore Buttons, Gusty and two Bushwoolies to normal. Desperate to escape, Hydia suggests they retreat to the volcano as she lied about nothing being able to stop the Smooze.
The Rainbow does their work for them and dumps them and the Smooze back into the volcano as everyone else cheers. While Reeka and Draggle do everything in their power to humiliate Hydia, Spike gets Rosedust to remove the bit of Smooze from his tail and remove the lack of Smooze from the Grundles but it's Grundleland that is Smoozed. Regardless, Megan calls Grundles beautiful as well as good and Magic Star wants them to have Dream Castle to rebuild their kingdom.
The Grundle King is touched and everyone is right where they belong, including the Rainbow of Light. As the movie's closing theme plays, Megan, Molly and Danny give farwell hugs, then hitch a ride on Wind Whistler and North Star into the sun.