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*This special was also part of the TV series where it was edited down
Special Rescue from Midnight Castle (Part 1) Aired:
November, 1986
As we open the TV series, there's a different intro but the characters from the movie as well as the same scenery have remained. A pony at the top, revealed as Twilight (yes the one that would later transfer to FiM) bears the brunt of her friends, one of them is on roller skates. However just when it looks like the purple pony will take a fall to her end, a pink pony revealed as Firefly saves her then shows how daring she can be by flying low and ends up destroying a basket of apples but the ponies have a good laugh as they can now have applesauce.
After a little reprise of the theme song plays, the purple pony, revealed as Ember, asks if she'll one day fly but Twilight says it's impossible. Twilight's words of encouragement is cut short as a storm has moved in and everyone scurries to take shelter. We find that the storm is actually from a swarm of Straterdons, alligators with wings. Not all ponies are so lucky as some are grabbed and a winged beast says they'll all belong to Tirac, the master of Midnight Castle (yes the same one that would become FiM's version).
Firefly goes off to get help in spite of the others' protest. Meanwhile, in the aforementioned castle, the ponies captured are thrown in to a jail cell and Spike really wants to come with the winged beast, revealed as Scorpan but Scorpan refuses and walks away. Tirac is waiting for a report and Scorpan gives him a bit of a disappointment as he needs 4 for his chariot. Spike tries to stand up for Scorpan but is silenced and Tirac orders Scorpan to try again. Elsewhere, a human and her horse, revealed as TJ watch as a shooting star appears but it's actually Firefly whose flight puts her in a well. The girl gets her out and learns that she's met Firefly and introduces herself as Megan (though she's quite different from how she was in the movie).
Firefly moves to a cliff and considers it high enough for her flight and gets Megan aboard. Despite Firefly's claims, Megan denies all of them as they take to the sky and Firefly breaks into song with Megan once again not sharing the same feelings. When the song is over, they've arrived at Dream Castle and Megan is indeed loved and welcomed. However, the Straterdons are back and snatch not only Megan but others too. Firefly intercepts and gets Megan to the ground but others aren't so lucky and are taken away.
Megan's anger is proof to Firefly that she is brave but they still have to somehow save their friends. Back in the castle, Spike overhears the ponies' cries and discovers them chained to the ground and ordered to stay silent by Tirac. The guards take Ember away as the other three will be used to pull the chariot. Worse still, Tirac makes himself known and opens his bag of darkness to corrupt them. Now Scorpan must get a 4th pony by midnight or his head will be off his body. Meanwhile, Megan has gotten some ponies to help her and they're crossing an old rickety bridge. Applejack finds a gap between the boards and slips through, prompting Megan to dive in after her. Will they turn out alright?