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Seconds from Disaster: MLP Edition (Page 1)

1. Episodes below are a combination of facts from what is shown on the TV show and speculation to help fill in the gaps of what isn't known.
2. Each episode is told in a manner of National Geographic's "Seconds from Disaster" TV series.
3. For more on "Seconds from Disaster", click here:

Destruction of the Library

        "Twilight's library is a place of protection and research. Thousands of books reside here for anything Twilight Sparkle needs. Suddenly, a horned centaur appears and destroys the library. What is it? Where did it come from? Why did it make Twilight's library a target? Disasters don't just happen. They're triggered by a chain of critical events. Unlock the mysteries in those final Seconds from Disaster.

         "Equestria ----> Ponyville ----> Twilight's library,"

        "This library is a hybrid of a tree and a house equipped with a lightning rod. The tree stands 10 feet tall and multiple balconies are placed in and around near the top of the tree. 7:20 AM. A cloaked individual appears and begins draining ponies of their energy and magic. 7:56 AM. Discord is tasked with an important mission to stop this individual and heads out. 8:04 AM. Discord meets with the individual and is given an offer he can't refuse. 9:22 AM. Twilight reports in and is given the magic of the other princesses. 10:25 AM. The individual has grown drastically, obtaining a centaur-like appearance but cannot take the magic of the princesses of Canterlot Castle upon arrival. 11:16 AM. The individual learns of Twilight Sparkle's new status and seeks to find her. 12 noon. The individual finds Twilight and blasts her house to ruins.

        "Now by rewinding the events of that day and going deep into the investigation, we can reveal how a new individual grew to such epic proportions and was able to take down Twilight's library tree house. Investigators first need to discover who this individual is," *Discord comes on screen.*

        "That was Lord Tirek, a previously powerful being that was just recently released from his prison. He used his powers to steal the powers of other ponies and even me in order to restore his strength," explained Discord.

        "Now that they know who Lord Tirek is and what he is capable of, investigators must discover where Tirek came from," *Celestia comes on screen.*

        "He was previously imprisoned in the land of Tartarus and fully restored his energy through the energy and magic of others," replied Celestia.

        "Investigators must now figure out why Twilight's library was the target," *Twilight comes on screen.*

        "It was probably more of a fluke than anything, but he did probably not know I had been upgraded to a princess and could've taken it out on me or as an act of revenge for Celestia and Luna for giving me their magic," stated Twilight.

        "Investigators wonder why Tirek wasn't aware that Twilight became a princess," *Luna comes on screen.*

        "We cannot say for sure, but one theory is that his time in Tartarus left him out of the loop when it came to news so he probably was too feeble to even realize it," elaborated Luna.

        "The last thing on the investigators' minds are why no one stopped Tirek from gaining so much power," *Applejack comes on screen.*

        "I'm sure many of us had other things on our minds. Heck, Twilight was doin' some crazy new tricks we ain't never seen her do before and she wasn't tellin' is about it. Others probably didn't know that that was what Tirek was capable of or didn't know who he was," said Applejack.

        "We can now reveal the chain of events that left Twilight's treehouse library Seconds from Disaster. 6 hours and 40 minutes to disaster. Lord Tirek appears but his appearance is either unfamiliar to some or they are unaware that he escaped from Tartarus. 4 hours and 10 minutes to go. Not knowing that Tirek is a manipulative stealer of pony energy, Discord is willing to begin a partnership with Tirek. 2 hours left. Previously unaware of Twilight Sparkle's upgrade to princess, Tirek seeks Twilight out. Disaster strikes. In the battle over good and evil, Tirek's assaults destroy the treehouse library. Since the disaster, Twilight Sparkle and her friends are closer than ever before. She has also received a new castle of her own an each of her friends have their own thrones inside it. Tirek has once again been banished to Tartarus and is prevented from future escapes with an anti-magic dome. Discord has fully understood his betryal and vows to be a better friend from now on. With these new safeguards, Ponyville should never have to deal with the likes if Tirek again,"



Chaos at Canterlot High

        "Canterlot High School, where students continue to roam and gossip. Suddenly. the cafeteria is thrown into turmoil that leaves students with the desire to take one another down in competition. Disasters don't just happen. They're triggered by a chain of critical events. Unlock the clues in those final Seconds from Disaster. It had been 5 1/2 months since the defeat of evil Sunset Shimmer at the Fall Princess Formal. Things have returned to normal and Sunset Shimmer herself is now in a better light as they prepare for the Musical Showcase with posters and banners. 9:21 AM. As the students work, Rainbow Dash and her members begin practice for the showcase. 9:40 AM. Sunset Shimmer takes off to show three new arrivals around the school as a way to let them see her now rather than be tainted by her past. 11:12 AM. The tour is over and Sunset Shimmer joins the others for lunch. 11:15 AM. The three new arrivals appear and have a better idea for the school. By the time the song is over, everyone is now eager to take down anyone in their way using the Battle of the Bands."

        "Now by rewinding the events of that day, we can reveal the chain of events that lead to disaster. Investigators need to first discover who these three students are and how they were able to turn a quiet cafeteria into a battle zone," *Sonata comes on screen.*

        "Okay, we have these pendants and what they do is they take in any negative energy in the room. Pretty much everyone heard us singing and they turned to see us. We totally convinced them that we had the better idea and they went with it," explained Sonata.

        "Now that they know how three new students made such a mess out of an ordinary lunch period, investigators turn to why it wasn't stopped in the first place. *Rainbow Dash comes on screen.*

        "We tried to tell Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna about it, but they wouldn't listen. They seemed to be giving the new students the benefit of the doubt," stated Rainbow Dash.

        "It's a start, but it doesn't explain why they didn't try to end the performance right away," *Twilight comes on screen.*

        "Since we had never seen what they looked like as humans and since Sunset Shimmer was unable to figure out what made her so uneasy about them, we just had to watch and see if she was right. Turns out she was right," elaborated Twilight.

        "Now investigators must figure out why not all students were affected by the music. They look at the footage and notice that while the events are going on, one of them is wearing headphones and the others are not. They conclude that the one with headphones is blocking out the music that would otherwise affect her. This doesn't explain why the other six remain unaffected even though their ears aren't covered," *Applejack comes on screen.*

        "I reckon it was our Equestrian magic that kept the noise at bay," noted Applejack.

        "It's the final piece of the puzzle. We can now reveal the chain of events that left Canterlot High once again Seconds from Disaster. 1 hour and 54 minutes to disaster. Three students enter but because they are new, they are given the benefit of the doubt and are not stopped when they enter the cafeteria. 55 minutes to go. Sunset Shimmer isn't fully aware of what these three students are capable of and doesn't fully relay the problem to her comrades. 24 minutes left. As the new students' song begins, most tune in because they neither have headphones or equestrian magic. Disaster strikes. Students are now enemies of one another and are determined to take down each other by any means necessary,"

        "After the disaster, the three students were relieved of the pendants that gave them so much power and have been forbidden to ever return to the school. Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna have taken measures to install security cameras inside the cafeteria so that she has footage to fall back on should any more catastrophes unfold. Twilight and her band continue to play in and around the school and have made Sunset Shimmer a member. Students have since realized that Sunset Shimmer is no longer the enemy they once feared and have accepted her as their friend. With these new measures in place, Canterlot High School should remain a peaceful learning experience for years to come,"



Summer Sun Showdown

        "Canterlot Castle. Home of the Summer Sun Celebration, the very first sunrise of the year. Suddenly, Celestia is nowhere to be found and a new pony has taken her place. Where did Celestia go and who is this new pony? Disasters don't just happen. They're triggered by a chain of critical events. Unlock the clues in those final Seconds from Disaster.

        "Equestria ----> Ponyville ----> The Summer Sun Celebration,"

        "The Summer Sun Celebration is a time when ponies across town gather to watch the very first sunrise done by Princess Celestia, one of two sisters that reside in Canterlot. 12:15 PM. Twilight Sparkle is reading up on an old legend in her book. It's a book all about six jewels known as the Elements of Harmony. 1:18 PM. Twilight Sparkle heads home to read more on the topic and is referred to a legend of the Mare in the Moon. 1:40 PM. Twilight writes a letter to Princess Celestia about Nightmare Moon's return, but is not believed. 2:00 PM. Twilight Sparkle heads to Ponyville to make some friends. 2:21 PM. Twilight Sparkle returns home to a party that lasts into the evening. 7:55 PM. At the Summer Sun Celebration, the mayor of Ponyville comes out for a brief intro, but there's no Princess Celestia, only a pony named Nightmare Moon that wants to bring eternal night.

        "Now by rewinding the events of that day and going deep into the investigation, we can reveal what went wrong at the Summer Sun Celebration. Investigators must first discover how Nightmare Moon was so easily able to capture Princess Celestia. The footage offers no clues. *Princess Celestia comes on screen.*

        "I had been so distracted by the Summer Sun Celebration events that I wasn't paying attention to anything else," explained Celestia.

        "Now that they know how Celestia was easily overpowered, the next question to answers is how did Nightmare Moon get this way? The footage reveals that Nightmare Moon was born out of Princess Luna's resentment to raising the moon at night. Investigators wonder why she had she resented raising the moon? *Princess Luna comes on screen.*

        "It became tiresome to be up at night when I could've been sleeping. Plus only Princess Celestia was there to see any of my hard work. Each night I hated the idea a bit more," stated Luna.

        "Investigators now need to understand why no action was taken to stop Nightmare Moon's arrival. *Twilight Sparkle comes on screen.*

        "Most likely, everypony either didn't know about the legend or either knew about it and didn't believe it or knew about it and feared what Nightmare Moon was capable of," replied Twilight.

        "Only one question remains. Twilight Sparkle knew about the impending danger ahead. Why didn't she warn anyone?" *Spike comes on screen.*

        "That's easy. Princess Celestia had specifically told Twilight to make some friends and that's partially what she set off to do, but she also had to research it more to find the big picture," said Spike.

        "At last, we can now reveal what left the Summer Sun Celebration Seconds from Disaster. 7 hours and 40 minutes to disaster. Twilight reads up on a legend, but without much to go on, she's stuck trying to find information and making friends as told instead of warning everyone of the danger. 3 hours and 30 minutes left. Since it's only a legend, any sense of mentioning the danger is quickly dismissed. 45 minutes to go. Since Princess Celestia is preoccupied with the Summer Sun Celebration, she does not see Nightmare Moon approach and capture her. Disaster strikes. Nightmare Moon appears and declares eternal night for all."

        "After the disaster, announcements have been made so that other ponies can be there when Luna raises the moon. Princess Celestia has hired guards to keep watch for any intruders during times of big events. Those in Ponyville now are more willing to accept danger if it comes from a trustworthy pony. These safety measures will ensure that the Summer Sun Celebration will never be ruined again.



Nightmare at the Gala

        "The Grand Galloping Gala, a festive party where guests from all across Equestria come to meet and have fun. Suddenly, the party's festivities are ruined and six ponies are running amok. What caused such a festive party to go so wrong and how will they prevent future incidents? Disasters don't just happen. They're triggered by a chain of critical events. Unlock the mysteries in those final Seconds from Disaster.

        "Equestria ----> Ponyville ----> The Grand Galloping Gala,"

        "The Grand Galloping Gala takes place in Canterlot Castle, a 70 story structure housing both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Its long red carpet at the entrance is the highlight of any event. 5:15 PM. Guests start arriving and Twilight Sparkle accompanies Princess Celestia in greeting them. 5:45 PM. Fluttershy and the others separate in order to try the activities they had always dreamed would be there. 6:10 PM. Fluttershy hears a bird calling and heads in that direction. Pinkie Pie meanwhile tries to get the band going. 6:21 PM. Rarity finds the colt of her dreams named Prince Blueblood and tries to make a good impression by showing him around. Rainbow Dash has found her idols, The Wonderbolts talking casually but is unable to talk to any of them. 6:33 PM. Fluttershy finds it's just an elderly pony whistling. Pinkie Pie gets the music going to a song of her choosing. Rainbow Dash fakes saving one of The Wonderbolts before Rarity gets cake on her and sends Prince Blueblood flying into a statue, which in turn knocks over the pillars."

        "Now by rewinding the events of that night and going deep into the investigation, we can reveal what really happened at the Grand Galloping Gala. Investigators first need to find out what initiated the disaster. The footage reveals that all six ponies played a role but it's unclear which one of them started it. *Rarity comes on screen.*

        "I probably was the one that started the mess as I was quickly losing desire for Prince Blueblood," explained Rarity.

        "With the probable ignition point started, investigators move to Prince Blueblood. Why does he act this way around a female pony?" *Prince Blueblood comes on screen.*

        "It's our nature as we are from Canterlot. We generally do not think much of those in Ponyville," said Blueblood.

        "Since they now know why Prince Blueblood has no courtesy towards the opposite gender, investigators move to the castle itself. Why are none of the pillars strong enough to withstand an impact from something as light as a pony? *Princess Celestia comes on screen.*

        "The columns were never anticipated to encounter a force as large as when Rainbow Dash collided with them. They were really only meant to be an extra means of support for the roof," stated Celestia.

        "One final question remains. It is revealed that this event is always terrible but investigators need to know why they hold such an event if it always ends in failure." *Princess Luna comes on screen.*

        "We always hope for the best but it just never seems to turn out that way. Each year Celestia and I use the previous year's Gala to structure the current one's and try to fix the faults but I think with different types of ponies coming together, it's just not likely they'll get along as easily," replied Luna.

        "We can now reveal the chain of events that left the Grand Galloping Gala Seconds from Disaster. 1 hour and 18 minutes until disaster. Guests arrive but being in different towns means they will not likely have a smooth encounter with one another. 45 minutes left. The main ponies separate and find disappointment at each end. 22 minutes to go. Prince Blueblood's nature to stay perfectly clean means he stumbles into a nearby statue. Disaster strikes. Rainbow Dash saves the statue but takes down the pillars behind her.

        "After the disaster, Celestia and Luna have better laid out the events of the Gala and strengthened the stone pillars with reinforced concrete. The statue is now embedded in the wall and there are events for each of the main six to enjoy to keep them happy and avoid another mishap at the Grand Galloping Gala.



Treehouse of Terror

        "Twilight Sparkle's library tree house, a warehouse of knowledge. Its lightning-protected frame makes it a safe haven for friends and family. Suddenly, a sleepover brings bitter rivalry and despair. Disasters don't just happen. They're triggered by a chain of critical events. Unravel the clues in those final Seconds from Disaster.

        "Equestria ---> Ponyville ----> Twilight Sparkle's Treehouse Library,"

        "This treehouse contains thousands of books collected by Twilight Sparkle over the years for various forms of research including ailments and spells. It is also equipped with a telescope and a roof-mounted lightning rod. Living inside it are Twilight Sparkle and her baby dragon Spike. 5:30 PM. A storm gathers strength with Rarity Applejack and the others caught outside while cleaning up. 6:22 PM. Once inside, an argument about cleanliness begins between Applejack and Rarity and they dare each other to do what they dread most. 6:30 PM. Twilight Sparkle elects to have a slumber party since none of them are in any mood to step outside in the raging storm. 7:10 PM. After a makeover, the group decide to make smores and tell ghost stories. 8:22 PM. The ponies decide to go to bed but Applejack and Rarity cannot settle on the proper way to get in. 8:40 PM. The storm strengthens and takes out a nearby tree, sending it inside.

        "Now by rewinding the events of that day and going deep into the investigation, we can reveal what went wrong at Twilight Sparkle's slumber party. Investigators first need to find out why Rarity and Applejack couldn't agree with each other if they are Twilight Sparkle's friends." *Rarity comes on screen.*

        "We just didn't learn to settle our differences. We were so caught up in how the other one looked that we forgot to remind ourselves that that's how we do things. I like cleanliness and she likes hard work," said Rarity.

        "It's a start, but now investigators need to know how this transpired later on in the slumber party." *Twilight Sparkle comes on screen.*

        "I was literally trying to have the slumber party by the book and I know Rarity and Applejack weren't getting along well so doing the sleepover in that manner may have resulted in making things worse than they needed to be," explained Twilight.

        "With the arguments' relationship to the slumber party now solved, investigators need to focus their attention on the storm itself. What made it so strong to begin with? With so few trees outside Sweet Apple Acres, how was this one able to land a direct hit that sent to the tree into the window?" *Applejack comes on screen.*

        "That there tree was pretty well on its way out. Wouldn't have taken much to knock it over anyhow. The wind probably weakened it further and the lightnin' was just in the right place. Heck, the storm itself probably was from too much energy from the weather pegasai above. After all, they make the weather here and with nothin' to really anchor the tree to the ground, especially after being hit by the lightnin', it was a no brainer to have it come flyin' inside, " replied Applejack.

        "It's the final piece of the puzzle. We can now reveal the chain of events that left Twilight Sparkle's treehouse Seconds from Disaster. 3 hours and 10 minutes until disaster. Extra energy from the weather pegasai causes them to add more power to the storm they're assembling. 1 hour to go. The old tree outside the treehouse is being weakened by the strong wind and due to not only Rarity and Applejack's failure to realize their own traits but Twilight Sparkle's decision to use a guide book to help, Rarity and Applejack argue over what's best for each other. Disaster strikes. The old tree's weakened structure is delivered the final blow and the strong wind sends it into the treehouse's window.

        After the disaster, Twilight has agreed to allow more freedom in building a sleepover. The tree that once stood outside has not been replaced. Applejack and Rarity have better learned how to deal with each other's flaws to make sure they never get in a quarrel in that manner again.



Canterlot Catastrophe

        "Canterlot High School, where humanized ponies come to learn. It's a world from another dimension where typical high school events take place. Suddenly, a demonic entity brainwashes everyone and begins taking after Twilight Sparkle in an attempt to win the Fall Princess Formal. Disasters don't just happen. They're a chain of critical events. Unlock the clues in those final Seconds from Disaster.

        "Equestria ----> The Magic Mirror Portal ----> Canterlot High School"

        "Every year, the school celebrates the Fall Princess Formal, where one person gets the chance to become crowned queen by winning the higher number of votes. 3:10 PM. Outside, a girl named Sunset Shimmer and her accomplices Snips and Snails begin a plan to prevent Twilight Sparkle from winning back the crown using a cell phone camera. 4:10 PM. Students gather for the Fall Princess Formal.7:32 PM. The dancing begins but Twilight's dog Spike is held captive by Snips and Snails. Outside, Twilight and her friends find Sunset Shimmer waiting to destroy the Magic Mirror Portal, the gateway back to the real world. 8:26 PM. Sunset Shimmer takes Twilight's crown and undergoes a transformation to turn her into a fiery demon."

        "Now by rewinding the events of that day and going deep into the investigation, we can reveal what happened at Canterlot High School." Investigators know that Sunset Shimmer clearly had a desire to defeat Twilight Sparkle in running for Fall Princess Formal, but why? *Princess Celestia comes on screen.*

        "Sunset Shimmer was a former student of mine and she had wanted to more quickly learn what she wanted to learn, but it never came. When she heard about Twilight's crown, she felt she had to have it, but since it went into the Magic Mirror Portal, there's no telling what she had planned to do with it as a pony," said Celestia.

        "Now that they know about Sunset Shimmer's past, investigators need to know about the crown itself. What gave it the powers needed to turn Sunset Shimmer into the fiery demon? They scan the footage and find no evidence. *Princess Twilight comes on screen.*

        "I gather her evil powers somehow combined with the magic in my crown," explained Twilight.

        "The evidence provided in the footage does not fully back up this statement so investigators look elsewhere. They interview Sunset Shimmer for clues. *Sunset Shimmer comes on screen.*

        "Not that it's any of your business or anything, but I'd say my jealousy was part of the reason I went into that awesome demonic creature," stated Sunset Shimmer.

        "One last question remains. If the students had dealt with Sunset Shimmer before, why didn't they elect Twilight Sparkle to begin with?" *Rarity comes on screen.*

        "Likely that because Twilight was still new to being a human, they didn't see it fit for her to be Fall Princess Formal, even though they hadn't really gotten to know her, not to mention they probably feared what Sunset Shimmer would've done in response," concluded Rarity.

        "It's the final piece of the puzzle. We can now put together the chain of events that left Canterlot High School Seconds from Disaster. 5 hours and 16 minutes to disaster. Due to her past grudge, Sunset Shimmer takes after Twilight's crown in attempt to have the power for herself. 3 hours to go. With plans to foil Twilight Sparkle from winning the crown failed, Twilight's dog Spike is held captive. Disaster strikes. Sunset Shimmer takes the Elements of Harmony and transforms herself to a fiery demon."

        "After the disaster, Twilight Sparkle returned to her home in Ponyville. She has valued her crown more than ever before. Sunset Shimmer was forced to write apology letters to everyone in the school and help repair damages. She no longer holds a grudge and is working hard to ensure that the nightmare at Canterlot High never happens again."



Town Terror

        "Ponyville, the home for all ponies and other animals. It's a major hub for shopping and gossip. Suddenly, after taking part in a seminar, Fluttershy lashes out at everyone she encounters. How did she get this way? Who was responsible and is there any way to restore Fluttershy to her kind heart? Disasters don't just happen. They're triggered by a chain of critical events. Unlock the mysteries in those final Seconds from Disaster.

        "Equestria --> Ponyvillle --> Fluttershy's Cottage,"
        "Fluttershy's cottage is home to dozens of animals Fluttershy cares for. She provides them with enough food and shelter to keep them coming back. 11:02 AM. Her pet rabbit named Angel wants lunch but won't eat anything he's given and chooses a special sundae salad. With nothing needed to get the recipe assembled at home, Fluttershy heads to the market. 11:13 AM. At the market, Fluttershy struggles to even purchase the ingredients as other ponies get in her way and she has no experience in being assertive. Her friends help to get her properly trained but it's no use. 11:25 AM. Fluttershy manages to get all the ingredients but the cherry and Angel is not satisfied. Outside, she finds an advertisement for an assertive seminar hosted by Iron Will. 11:30 AM. Fluttershy arrives to see what the commotion is about and is chosen to take part in a demonstration.
        "The next day, Fluttershy is ready to take on all obstacles in her way. 9:30 that morning. An elderly pony is watering Fluttershy's flowers but Fluttershy can see they are getting more than necessary and takes action. Down the road, two ponies have carts filled with garbage and are too busy chatting to notice and Fluttershy launches both cards and gets them to move. 9:42 AM. A line has formed outside the Sugarcube Corner sweet shop where Pinkie Pie is taking customers. Fluttershy is part of this line when a pony cuts in front. Fluttershy's rage leaves everyone else in fear as the line is taken outside, leaving Fluttershy at the front. 1:21 PM. Fluttershy needs a taxi but someone is already using it so she boots him out and takes over. Back home, Fluttershy remains proud and confident about her latest accomplishments when Rarity and Pinkie Pie arrive. Unfortunately, Fluttershy is only in the cruel mood and sends both Rarity and Pinkie Pie running in tears.

        "Now by rewinding the events of that day and going deep into the investigation, we can reveal what went wrong. The first thing on investigators' minds is what caused Fluttershy to become so aggressive despite her previously being too laid back? *Fluttershy comes on screen.*

        "I guess I got a little carried away. I had previously been letting everypony have their way so that I didn't start a fight or anything," said Fluttershy.
        "With that detail now in place, Investigators need information on Iron Will. Just who is he and why does he use such aggressive methods to train the audience?" Iron Will comes on screen.*

        "Iron Will was just trying to help those tired of being pushed around. It had worked plenty of times before and everyone Iron Will has done it with before had 100% satisfaction," said Iron Will.
        "One last piece of the puzzle remains. Why wasn't anyone trying to stop Fluttershy before it got out of control?" *Rarity comes on screen.*

        "I think most ponies in town either feared Fluttershy as it was or commended her for at least sticking up for herself. There was also probably a tiny bit of incentive from what Iron Will had taught her, given that he was the most effective on her," said Rarity.

        "Finally, we can reveal the chain of events that left Ponyville's market Seconds from Disaster. 1 day and six hours to disaster. Fluttershy takes to the market to buy the ingredients needed for Angel Bunny's lunch. 1 day to disaster. Since Fluttershy hadn't bothered to confront anyone that was rudely cutting in front, she decides to see what Iron Will's seminar is about. 7 hours to disaster. Iron Will's seminar has made Fluttershy more aggressive and his methods didn't change because of how satisfied everyone else he lectured felt before. 3 hours to go. Ponies run in fear or commend Fluttershy for her actions. Disaster strikes. Fluttershy takes her rage out on everyone, including Pinkie Pie and Rarity.

        "After the disaster, the ponies have returned to normal lives. Iron Will has moved on without payment since Fluttershy was not satisfied. Fluttershy has agreed to never let her anger get the best of her and to be willing to stand up for herself in a time of need.



Wrecked Wedding

        "Canterlot. A place of royalty and home to ponies of wealth and higher class. Suddenly, as a wedding ceremony proceeds, a new being emerges and takes down Princess Celestia, spreading chaos throughout town. Disasters don't just happen. They're triggered by a chain of critical events. Unlock the clues and count down those final Seconds from Disaster,"

        "Equestria. ----> Canterlot ----> The Royal Wedding,"

        "The royal wedding is a happy time for married couples to live happily together. In Canterlot, this is to be true with Twilight Sparkle's brother, Shining Armor and Princess Celestia's niece, Princess Cadence. 12:30 PM. Twilight Sparkle receives two letters regarding their duties for the wedding. They hop on board the Friendship Express to reach Canterlot and arrive to find strict security measures in place. 1:10 PM. Once in Canterlot, Twilight shares her anger towards her brother for his failure to mention the wedding. 1:25 PM. Princess Cadence arrives, paying attention only to Shining Armor. 2:00 PM. Twilight Sparkle peers into a door as Princess Cadence and Shining Armor chat. She sees Shining Armor getting a spell poured on him and is convinced Cadence is evil. 3:21 PM. Practice for the wedding takes place and Twilight makes a statement and Cadence darts off upset. 3:36 PM. Cadence returns and sends Twilight Sparkle down below to a cave. 3:55 PM. Down below, Twilight Sparkle unleashes her anger on Cadence, whom has indeed gone evil, and finally breaks open the wall containing the good Cadence. 4:15 PM. The actual wedding ceremony has begun but is stopped when Twilight Sparkle and good Cadence arrive. 4:22 PM. Evil Cadence reveals herself as a changeling and orders some of her army to attack Canterlot's overhead defenses. 4:40 PM. Celestia wages a battle against this new being, but loses,"

        "Now, by rewinding the events of that day, and going deep into the investigation, we can reveal what went wrong at The Royal Wedding. The first question on investigators' minds is why didn't anyone notice the arrival of this being and her army?" *Shining Armor comes on screen.*

        "We were all so focused on the wedding preparations that I guess we didn't keep watch outside," said Shining Armor.

        "What about this being? Who is she and where did she and her army come from?" *Princess Celestia comes on screen.*

        "We don't know for sure, but I believe she was from Tartarus and have no knowledge of her name since she never gave it herself, though rumors have stated her name is Queen Chrysalis," stated Celestia.

        "With the origin of Queen Chrysalis in place, the next task is to figure out where her power came from," *Princess Cadence come son screen.*

        "She was gaining power from my love with Shining Armor," answered Cadence.

        "Even so, why wasn't Princess Celestia able to stop her when she has defeated past foes with ease? None of the footage investigators view is able to answer that question," *Twilight Sparkle comes on screen.*

        "It's possible that Queen Chrysalis' magic is more current than Celestia's and therefore Celestia's magic isn't able to hold back as much as it did before," figured Twilight.

"It's the final piece of the puzzle. Investigators can now reveal what went wrong during The Royal Wedding. 6 hours to disaster. With everyone inside, no one sees the impending arrival of Queen Chrysalis. 3 hours to go. Since no one realizes Queen Chrysalis is disguised as Princess Cadence, Chrysalis, willingly sends Twilight Sparkle below ground. 1 hour to disaster. Twilight Sparkle arrives above ground, but since Princess Celestia's magic is older, it isn't able to hold back Queen Chrysalis' more recent powers and loses,"

        "After the disaster, the ponies have since thrown out Queen Chrysalis and her army while having a perfect wedding finish. They are all now better aware of any threats that may come from the outside and will be on the lookout with better security to prevent any future intrusions,"



Equestrian Error

        "The Equestria Games. Home to the Crystal Empire's most athletic ponies from around the world. Suddenly, as preparations take place, the equipment is destroyed, leaving nothing to prepare the athletes for the games and the pony they thought is not the Games Inspector. Disasters don't just happen, they're triggered by a chain of critical events. Unlock the clues and countdown those final Seconds from Disaster,"

        "Equestria ----> The Crystal Empire ----> The Equestria Games,"

        "7:10 AM. The ponies leave Spike in charge of pet sitting while the group embark on a journey to the Crystal Empire. 7:25 AM. The ponies reach the platform and board the train. While on board, the group practice their welcome routine for the Games Inspector, the pony to be in charge of the town hosting the games. 7:42 AM. The train arrives at the Crystal Empire station and the group depart inside the castle. 8:15 AM. Everyone inside learns that the normal hair stylist for Princess Cadance's mane is ill and Rarity agrees to help. Worse still, the Games Inspector is arriving sooner than anticipated, leaving little room to figure out the procedure for the hairstyle. 8:30 AM. The Games Inspector arrives and is treated to both the welcome routine and a tour of the castle. 8:42 AM. Rarity struggles to obtain the proper hairdo and needs more time. 9:06 AM. The group find the race track and the Games Inspector decides to take part, trashing everything in and around her. 9:25 AM. The true Games Inspector is making her way around after being left on the platform with no one around to help. 9:32 AM. She arrives at the Spa to learn of what's been going on."

        "Now by rewinding the events of that day and going deep into the investigation, we can reveal what happened during the Equestria Games preparations.  First on Investigators' minds is to figure out how the ponies identified the wrong pony as the Games Inspector ." *Twilight comes on screen.*

        "It turns out, there was more than one pony whose luggage had flowers on it. Of course, we also didn't think to ask what her name was," explained Twilight.

        "Investigators now understand the mix-up but can't figure out why the ponies didn't think to ask if they were speaking to the Games Inspector. The footage they view offers no clues but they come up with a theory. Perhaps they were too caught up in the importance of their task at hand and the importance of the pony they were interacting with. *Applejack comes on screen.*

        "Golly, we did have a lot of pressure on our hooves, given what Rainbow Dash had said. She told us that the Games Inspector had been trying to keep us pressured on purpose and we had no idea whether any of it was true and whom we thought was the Games Inspector didn't show any signs of this at all."

        "With the possible explanation as to why such a simple question wasn't asked about the pony they thought was the Games Inspector answered, Investigators turn to the pony the group had thought was the Games Inspector. Why didn't she introduce herself and what is it about her that drives her to undergo such uncontrolled behavior?" *Ms Harshwhinny comes on screen.*

        "Well the journey over here was a lengthy one let me tell you that. Second, there was also waiting while I was inside the castle so I didn't get any chance to really run around until we got outside. I guess I didn't think to follow the obstacles properly and then got my head stuck in a vase but that was the best run I've had in a while."

        "At last, we can reveal what went wrong at the Equestria Game preparations. 2 hours and 30 minutes to disaster. Twilight Sparkle and her main friends head out for the Crystal Empire.  1 hour and 10 minutes to go. They arrive and learn of both a complicated hairstyle design and a Games Inspector arriving earlier than planned.  21 minutes left.  A pony named Ms Harshwhinny departs from the train but because of identical luggage design and Rainbow Dash's words of warning, the ponies leave out a simple question to find out who she is and instead mistake her as the Games Inspector and take her inside. Disaster strikes. The stored energy from her trip and the standing around inside the castle is unleashed, leaving her to run the track and leave the area a mess and the real Games Inspector is identified. "

        "Despite the destruction of the equipment, the Games Inspector agrees to make The Crystal Empire be the host of the Equestria Games.  The main ponies have learned to better understand the pony they are being asked to see while Rarity herself is studying the entire procedure of the special hairstyle so that in the event of another ill hairstylist, she will be able to plan ahead to ensure the hairstyle is completed correctly the first time.



Duplicate Danger

        “Pinkie Pie, a resident of Ponyville full of energy and positive attitude. Suddenly, the copies she makes run wild through Ponyville, creating destruction in their wake. Disasters don’t just happen, they’re a chain of critical events. Unlock the clues and countdown those final Seconds from Disaster.

        "Equestria ----> Ponyville ----> Froggy Bottom Bog,"

        "Pinkie Pie wanders about Ponyville and discovers each pony except Fluttershy doing an exciting activity,"

        “9:10 AM. Pinkie Pie decides to discover the Magic Mirror Portal located at Froggy Bottom Bog in an attempt to make a double of herself. 9:21 AM. The portal is found and a duplicate is successfully created and they head back to Ponyville, deciding to head off and have fun. 2:05 PM. Pinkie Pie’s duplicate reports that she didn’t do anything fun so more doubles are created in an attempt to rectify the problem. However, they do not listen when told to stop and make doubles of each other. 2:25 PM. The doubles run rampant throughout Ponyville, disrupting anything in progress.”

        “Now, by rewinding the events of that faithful day, we can reveal what went wrong with Pinkie Pie’s plan. The first thing on investigators’ minds is how were the duplicates made?” *Pinkie Pie comes on screen.*

        “That’s easy. There’s this hole in the ground in The Everfree Forest that leads to the Magic Mirror Portal and from there, when the right sayings are said, and you walk into the lake that’s there, boom, you have a double," explained Pinkie Pie.

        “With the portal’s mechanics solved, investigators wonder why the duplicates were not noticed sooner. They review the footage and discover that many residents thought it was just Pinkie Pie but why?” *Rainbow Dash comes on screen.*

        “There was nothing different about any of them. If they didn’t speak, you’d have no way telling them apart from our Pinkie Pie and usually you only saw one at a time, making it nearly impossible to spot the real Pinkie Pie," stated Rainbow Dash.

        “While investigators understand the reasons behind no actions being taken against the Pinkie Pies, they need to answer one last question. Why was the hole to the Magic Mirror Portal uncovered in the first place?” *Twilight Sparkle comes on screen.*

        “It’s possible that it wasn’t ever known that such a portal existed or that it would even cause any harm if left open. Of course, I haven’t been here as long as my friends have but only Pinkie Pie seemed to know it existed or something would’ve been done about it,”

        “At last, we can now reveal the chain of events that left Pinkie Pie’s self-replication plan seconds from disaster. 45 minutes to disaster. Being the only pony aware of the Magic Mirror Portal, Pinkie Pie heads down to make copies of herself so she can be wherever the fun is with her friends. 5 minutes left. Since the duplicates looked exactly like the original and since only one at a time made itself known, no one noticed any differences between the real Pinkie Pie and the duplicate. Disaster strikes. The Pinkie Pies head back, leaving carnage in their wake. Since the disaster, the portal’s passage has been closed off with a boulder and Pinkie Pie has agreed to simply talk to her friends to see if rescheduling fun is available on a different day when two or more activities occupy the same day. With a better understanding about not trying to be in multiple places at once, the disaster that unfolded will never likely be repeated again,"



Coordinated Chaos

        "The Elements of Harmony, six magic stones giving six ponies a unique property. Suddenly, all six ponies carrying these elements turn on each other and the town is thrown into turmoil. Disasters don't just happen, they're triggered by a chain of critical events. Unlock the clues and count down those final Seconds from Disaster,"
        "Equestria ----> Ponyville ----> Canterlot's Sculpture Garden,"

        "Ms Cheerilee is taking her class here on a field trip. 8:15 AM. Her tour brings her group to a statue depciting a draconiquus, an entity featuring a collage of different animal parts. 8:21 AM. Three members of her class named Sweetie-Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom demonstrate the act of discord and the statue shows signs of life. 9:02 AM. Rainbow Dash, a pegasus pony, takes on her usual task of clearing clouds and encounters an unusual weather event. This event is transferred to the ground as chocolate milk. 9:45 AM. Twilight Sparkle uses her magic in an attempt to make the bizarre events vanish but fails. 10:02 AM. Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle's teacher, explains the bizarre events being related to a being named Discord, a foe she had defeated before. 10:25 AM. Discord makes himself known and shares his knowledge of the Elements of Harmony. 10:35 AM. A riddle is provided from him and Twilight Sparkle leads her friends to a maze. 10:42 AM. The group must travel through the maze and Discord finds the need to intercept them at every corner, providing 5 members of the group with their heart's desire. 11:00 AM. Canterlot is left in peril as they have broken one of the two game rules. 11:35 AM. With her friends now corrupted, Twilight Sparkle is left to fend for herself. 12:01 PM. Twilight Sparkle sees no point in holding Discord back and gives in,"
        "Now by rewinding the events of that day, and going deep into the investigation, we can reveal what happened at Canterlot Garden. Investigators first need to know what brought the statue to life. While the evidence hints at it, there's no clear-cut answer, " *Discord comes on screen.*
        "Why it's simple. I LOVE chaos and those three fillies provided just that," explained Discord.
Having now understood what brought the statue to life, investigators turn to the next question: What caused the ponies to turn on each other? *Applejack comes on screen.*
        "Discord got us to believe lies by attackin' what we fear most," said Applejack.
Still, this doesn't explain why Discord didn't go after Twilight Sparkle too. It would've almost guaranteed his place in Canterlot." *Twilight comes on screen.*
        "I don't think any of us know why he didn't come after me. Perhaps somehow he was being nice in a weird way?" answered Twilight.
Although not under his spell, investigators need to find out the final question of why Twilight still allowed Discord to continue his reign. *Discord appears on screen.*
        "That was her way of basically admitting defeat. Without her precious elements, there was nothing she could do to stop me." replied Discord.
        "With all the pieces of the puzzle now known, we can reveal the chain of events that left Canterlot Garden Seconds from Disaster. 9 hours to disaster. While three filly ponies quarrel, their chaotic behavior awakens the nearby statue of a draconiquus. 6 hours and 30 minutes to go. Discord appears and wreaks havoc on Canterlot, turning all but Twilight herself into corrupted foes, using his knowledge of their elements against them. 3 hours to disaster. For whatever reason, Twilight Sparkle is left alone from Discord's spell, perhaps from her own magic being able to negate his. Disaster strikes. Twilight Sparkle is consumed by despair and gives Discord full authority to mess with Canterlot. Since the disaster, Pinkie Pie has taken up babysitting. Fluttershy has opted for lessons on becoming more assertive. Rainbow Dash began training for a future competition. Twilight took on the daunting task of retraining Princess Luna, Princess Celestia's sister, to be more casual in conversations. Rarity stayed to hang out with other Canterlot ponies. Applejack moved away to work in Cherry Jubilee's cherry factory and take on the Equestria Rodeo Competition. While not together, their friendship will never be broken.



Parasprite Peril

        "The Everfree Forest, a home to many mysterious creatures and Ponyville's neighbor. Suddenly, Ponyville is invaded by a swarm of Parasprites that leave Ponyville in ruins. Disasters don't just happen, they're a chain of critical events. Unlock the clues and count down those final Seconds from Disaster.
        "Equestria ----> Ponyville ----> The Everfree Forest (written like how the show zooms in and pans to the location of the disaster). Ponyville houses many animals including cattle, ducks, frogs and of course ponies. Next door, however is a mysterious forest called The Everfree Forest, home to a plant called Poison Joke and a zebra named Zecora, whom has remedies for common ailments. 7:30 AM. Fluttershy is busy outside picking flowers for Princess Celestia when a Parasprite appears and agrees to take it with her. 10:55 AM. As Pinkie Pie tests treats at Sugar Cube Corner, home to Mr. and Mrs. Cake the bakery ponies responsible for Ponyville's delightful treats, Fluttershy shares what she had but it's now triple what she had before. Twilight agrees to take one but Pinkie Pie, having already known what they are, heads off to gather instruments to stop them. 3:00 PM. Now Twilight Sparkle has more Parasprites than she started so Rarity and Rainbow Dash take one for themselves. 7:30 the next morning. Twilight Sparkle and her accomplice Spike awaken to dozens more Parasprites living with them, as do Rarity, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. 1:00 PM. Rainbow Dash decides to conjure up a tornado to gather all the Parasprites into one place. 1:40 PM. Rainbow Dash's tornado splits apart, releasing all the Parasprites it captured. 2:00 PM. The group decide to see Zecora, the zebra with potions and solutions to any disease they come down with. However, even she doesn't know what to do in their case and Princess Celestia is coming. 2:45 PM. Pinkie Pie advances through with an array of instruments she had gathered and the Parasprites follow."
        "Now, by rewinding the events of that day, we can reveal what really happened on that day. First on the list is to find out about these Parasprites. Where did they come from and how did they cause so much destruction?" *Twilight Sparkle appears*
        "It was awful. They're so adorable but have the weirdest way to reproduce. Their appetite is certainly a mystery to all of us," said Twilight.

        "Investigators learn that these Parasprites have an unusual property about them that allows them to eat what is normally not edible. Just inside their mouths is a special chemical called Lactothoride, which softens what they put into their mouths for normal digestion. Their bodies also give them a large appetite that allows them to take in ten times an insect their size could devour. How do these Parasprites multiply?" *Rarity comes on screen.*

        "Ugh! I can't BELIEVE I'm asked to answer this. These...things simply act as if they've got a hairball to remove and basically spit out another one of their kind," answered Rarity.

         "So we now know how they eat and multiply but why weren't they able to reverse the damage or at least stop the Parasprites from eating? *Applejack comes on screen.*

        "Golly! These no-good Parasprites seem to have some kinda resistance to magic because nothin' we did got them to stop eatin'," stated Applejack.

        "Investigators rewatch the clips of the disaster as it unfold but are at a dead end, as nothing the clips show reveal what makes them so resistant to magic." *Zecora comes on screen.*

        "I'll tell you what. I was clueless on how to face them, even though we had had enough." said Zecora.

        "Days later, still nothing answers the Parasprites' resistance to magic but then a breakthrough. Although magic DID work on them, it wasn't enough to make them behave. This is because investigators have discovered that because of the Parasprites' small size, the streams of magic were only touching them at the sides, not engulfing them. This gave enough magic to affect them but not completely. If the Parasprites had existed, why weren't Ponyville residents better equipped to handle the situation? *Fluttershy comes on screen.*

"I'd have to say that because of how adorable we thought they were, we couldn't think they were of any real danger. Plus, Zecora didn't have anything to help us either," stated Fluttershy.

With inadequate defenses against Parasprites, one question still remains. Why didn't Pinkie Pie explain what she knew about Parasprites and what the instruments were for? *Pinkie Pie comes on screen.*

        "I would've told them what I knew but they never asked me, which is kind of surprising since I knew more about Parasprites than they did. Then again, they really didn't pay much attention to my needs to stop the Parasprites. They were to busy fondling over what I was trying to stop," answered Pinkie Pie.

        "By reviewing the events of that faithful day, we can finally put together the chain of events that left Ponyille Seconds from Disaster. 1 day to disaster. Since none of the ponies knew about Parasprites, Fluttershy and most of her friends found no harm in keeping them. 2 hours to go. Pinkie Pie begins gathering instruments but because no one asked her about her knowledge of Parasprites, they aren't prepared for the impending disaster. 1 hour to disaster. The Parasprites have multiplied and because of their Lactothoride in their mouths, they devour everything in sight. 15 minutes left. Twilight's attempt to put the Parasprites under a trance fails because of the Parasprites' small size, leaving the magic spell to only affect them from the sides. Disaster strikes. Ponyville is in ruins and the Parasprites remain. After a month of repairs, Ponyville's glory is restored and the ponies have a better understanding of Parasprites. Twilight Sparkle has written a book on them, hoping that through research, the town as a whole will be better prepared in case of a second swarm invasion. With their new knowledge, they'll be much better off in dealing with this threat and won't likely take cute and cuddly for granted again."



Sonic Rainboom

        "It's a sunny day in the town of Ponyville as a blue pegasus named Rainbow Dash tears through the skies. Suddenly, while performing her most daring trick called the Sonic Rainboom, the trick sends her through the air and crashing through another ponys' house ceiling. Disasters don't just happen. They're triggered by a chain of critical events. Unlock the clues and count down those final Seconds from Disaster."

        "Ponyville. A town where ponies come to be with friends and host special events. Every once in a while, they receive a special guest visit from famous ponies like Princess Celestia. 9:00 AM. Rainbow Dash is teaching a friend of hers named Fluttershy the right way to cheer. She's supposed to cheer as loud as she can but unfortunately, her attempts are in vain. Frustrated, Rainbow Dash takes to the skies to practice her act for the Best Young Flier competition. 9:27 AM. With the easy tasks complete, her hardest task is about to take hold. With the speed gathered, Rainbow Dash heads toward the ground but before the trick completes, she loses speed and is catapulted through the air, crashing through the ceiling of her friend Twilight Sparkle's house. Investigators are stunned. How can such an aerodynamic pony designed for high velocity fall short of a trick needing that high velocity? and that had been performed earlier with success?"

        "There's a problem. On a normal aircraft, investigators look for clues in two places called Black Boxes. The Flight Data Recorder gathers information about the aircraft itself while the Cockpit Voice Recorder takes in the last 30 minutes of conversation from pilots before the plane crashes but because Rainbow Dash is not a plane, there's no place to put such heavy metal objects. Making matters worse, only one other bystander was watching that day, her friend Fluttershy." *Fluttershy appears on screen.*

        "She was moving very fast and I was in complete awe. She made the clouds spin and when she did her Sonic Rainboom, she just stopped a few inches from the ground like there was some innocent creature there she wanted to save, and then she flew through the air and disappeared."

        "It's a start but it offers no evidence as to what caused Rainbow Dash to crash through the ceiling of Twilight Sparkle's house. Investigators then talked to those that were inside Twilight Sparkle's house at the time Rainbow Dash crashed through." *Pinkie Pie appears on screen.*

        "She came right through the ceiling and piled us all into the bookcase in Twilight's house"," explained Pinkie Pie.

        "It looks like Investigators are at a dead end. They review the footage of the event and come up with a theory. Could the air speed at the altitude Rainbow Dash was flying in have affected her speed before she came to a hault? To be sure, they request Rainbow Dash to fly into the sky and try her trick on a windy day. While they find that Rainbow Dash does lose control, the trick is still completed properly. What else could have affected the trick? Upon reviewing the footage from both times the trick had been done, they make their first breakthrough. The 2nd time the trick was performed, Rainbow Dash had both front hooves pointed straight out. It could've allowed the balance needed to complete the trick successfully. They ask Rainbow Dash to perform the trick twice. Once with one hoof pointed straight forward and a 2nd time with both hooves pointed straight forward. When the tricks are complete, the results confirm their suspicions."

        "Now by rewinding the events of that faithful day, we can reveal what happened to Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom trick. 10 seconds to disaster. Rainbow Dash begins the early stages of her performance for the Best Young Flier competition. 6 seconds left. Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom trick begins but due to her not having both hooves out in front of her, she isn't able to generate a balanced speed through the entire trick and is thrown backward into the air."

        "After the disaster, Rainbow Dash has successfully performed the Sonic Rainboom at the compeition for the first time since her filly days. For saving the lives of Rarity and the Wonderbolts, Rainbow Dash has been given some time to hang out with her idols of Ponyville."