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Animated Short Positively Pink Released:
At Ponyville, Minty heads up the tiny staircase with the Birthday Book at the top and grabs it but drops it and it opens up to Pinkie Pie, which reminds Minty that it's Pinkie Pie's birthday today but they haven't planned anything! The planning does begin and Minty comes up with the idea of making everything pink and speaking of pink, Pinkie Pie enters and everyone darts out the door and when she asks Minty and Rainbow Dash what's going on, they dart out too. Sweetberry is the only one to at least give PP a sense of what's going on and a taste of the frosting (or what I presume is frosting) so PP heads off to see Puzzlemint. Meanwhile, the others are setting up the party in song but it's cut short when Pinkie Pie strolls down towards them and Puzzlemint leads her away from the area after bumping into her and explains what a puzzle hunt is.
While Minty marvels at the amount of pinkness, the others dart behind Pinkie Pie and Puzzlemint as they figure out their list but when they head off, they keep seeing ponies that were just getting ready for the party and are now accidentally spoiling bits of the party supplies. 3 ponies briefly hide back around a building's corner and they begin a song about the whole ordeal of Positively Pink. Uh-oh! At 5:57 into the short, what's Pinkie Pie doing setting up for her OWN party in the right image when she has been with Puzzlemint as shown previously at 5:43 into the animated short?

The song closes as Minty ends up in a bucket of pink paint and all the ponies have a good laugh. Pinkie Pie and Puzzlemint find everything on the list as the caterpillar from The Runaway Rainbow returns and gets its picture taken. Pinkie Pie races off despite Puzzlemint's plea to have her stay and get a wheelbarrow but Pinkie Pie thinks her list is enough. By the time Puzzlemint finds her, Pinkie Pie has found (what looks to be) the entrance to the party and is delighted (though not everything is pink or even a shade of pink), PP arrives at the actual party but not everyone's ready so Minty puts on a brief copycat act but Pinkie figures out that it's Minty. The others come out from their hiding places and it surprises Pinkie Pie alright, especially since it's not actually her birthday today as Minty said it was but actually tomorrow. So how to do they deal with today? They decide to celebrate today and tomorrow with more pink and everyone loves the idea.