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Movie Twinkle Wish Adventure (Part 2) Released:
October 13 2009
The mayor arrives to check up once more and wants to know where Cheerilee is. Still refusing to explain what's really going on, Sweetie Belle (with help from Scootaloo) tries to conjure up an excuse when the mayor chimes in about the festival and the duo decide to use that as the excuse. It's not like they let the wishing star out to let a dragon take it away or anything so Sweetie Belle offers the mayor a cookie but the mayor's response leaves Scootaloo confused so the mayor heads off. Satisfied, Sweetie Belle has her cookie while the others are closing in on Willy Nilly Mountain and it's rapidly changing weather conditions.
With no other option, Pinkie Pie gets the balloon down but bringing it to a stop is another challenge, even for Starsong but Rainbow Dash brought along her hair ribbon and the group tie up the balloon. With the dragon's hideout just past the forest, the group press on only to reach the end of the forest and realize that daylight is going away soon so Pinkie Pie suggests camping out there for the night in spite of the festival being the next day.
Toola Roola doesn't like the idea as she's afraid of the dark, much like Scootaloo and needs a night light to fall asleep. With that, Pinkie Pie convinces a group of pink fireflies to help them get to sleep but Cheerilee can't help wondering how the others are doing, especially Scootaloo. However, she's too tired to think for long and falls asleep. The next morning, the group awaken quickly as they only have until sundown to deliver Twinkle Wish. Luckily, they're very close to Willy Nilly Mountain and Starsong knows where the dragon went so they resume their trip.
After a quick shower from the mountain, they arrive at the dragon's cave but are hesitant to go in, especially when their booming voice calls back to them. Meanwhile, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are waiting anxiously for Cheerilee and the others to return with the wishing star when the mayor arrives again so Sweetie Belle agrees to stall while Scootaloo forges a plan. Mayor Flitter Flutter (as her name is just now revealed, though I guess I didn't recognize her like this) is getting suspicious and Scootaloo appears to further leave her suspicious.
Nevertheless, Flitter Flutter walks away, puzzled at what's going on. Back at the entrance to the cave, Pinkie Pie steps forward to greet the dragon and gets a much calmer response. Once inside, the group find Twinkle Wish is in desperate need of sleep and the orange dragon realizes her hat is nothing special. She urges them to sit down and clears away clutter before overdoing her attempts to make them comfortable. Once she introduces herself as Whimsy Weatherbe, Pinkie Pie realizes that she's behind Willy Nilly Mountain's weather behavior.
They explain why they're really here but it's proof to WW that her plan to bring company to her otherwise lonely cave worked. After explaining her plan, Cheerilee notes the flaws in the story as they aren't yet friends and Twinkle Wish isn't a toy. Furthermore, Pinkie Pie adds there's more to making a friend with a song that her friends join in. Whimsy approves of their song very much but Pinkie Pie notes that friends don't take things from others and Cheerilee is responsible for the star. Regardless, Whimsy is not willing to give up the star (and an attitude like that is how you lose friends or keep potential friends away).
The group leaves, and Cheerilee realizes she must tell the truth. Back in Ponyville, the crowd is getting anxious to see the wishing star and Flitter Flutter assures Cheerilee is on her way. Sure enough, the group arrive in their hot air balloon but not with the news anyone expects. It's too much for Flitter Flutter and she ends up needing to sit down to take it all in. In spite of being lied to, Flitter Flutter commends them for their honesty before Whimsy arrives to give back the star as she'd rather be with them than just have a star she doesn't own.
As a result, Cheerilee gives Scootaloo the honor of placing the star on top, claiming the lucky button won it all. With a little help from Whimsy, the star is placed on top and the group race to make their town-wide wish before the star falls asleep. However, nothing happens but they never needed wishes anyway as they all came true. They'd all wished for snow but there's no snow at all so Whimsy remedies the situation with her own weather. Everyone but Sweetie Bellie is happy as Sweetie Belle wanted pink snow.
It's enough for the wishing star to grant and the snow becomes pink, making it the best Winter Wishes Festival ever. What seems to be events after the festival take place with a song on how dreams really can come true by wishing.