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Movie MLP EqG: Friendship Games (Part 1) Aired:
September 17 2015
We find a person racing somewhere and it's revealed to be Sunset Shimmer having gotten a text message from Rainbow Dash, whose problem is less than urgent. Despite Rainbow Dash's claims, no one else agrees with her and are instead disappointed that they were interrupted for such a lackluster emergency. Regardless, Sunset Shimmer happens to have a spare but notes that there's unlikely to be anyone else to practice with and music rooms are locked.
Still, RD considers the halls the perfect spot for guitar music and invites everyone inside, though SS stays out a bit longer to write to Twilight about the rather calm atmosphere since dealing with The Dazzlings. She gets the message written as a mysterious student arrives with a gizmo seemingly able to detect the magic within the portal. SS tries to get her attention but the new person bolts and gets on the bus before SS can catch up.
On the bus, we see it's the other Twilight Sparkle, whom is relieved to escape without questioning. She gets off the bus and enters a new building to what seems to be her labratory of sorts as there's all kinds of pictures stacked up as if being linked together. With the new picture added, the opening credits to the movie begin, using the stack of pictures and string. Characters new and old appear, including one identified as Principal Abacus Cinch before we're back to the movie.
By this time, our Twilight double has decided to take apart her old gizmo and make a new one using one of the components. Once activated, it appears to have the ability to scan but Sunset Shimmer relays her findings to the others at CHS. Fluttershy suggests they came through the portal (though we know this isn't true because of implications stated in the first movie, and even Sunset Shimmer doubts it) but at least it's not someone else bent on taking over the world.
It's crystal clear to Rainbow Dash as the group successfully realize that the new Twilight is from Crystal Prep and are likely going to cause trouble at the upcoming Friendship Games, especially since they've always been the winners. SS is more laid back, considering the whole ordeal silly as they aren't dealing with evil magic but they are dealing with a school of mean people, which is just as important. Though it's hard to get along with the other team if they aren't nice but Rainbow Dash is willing to make things different this year.
At the gymnasium Principal Celestia tries to hype up a less-than-excited crowd about the Friendship Games, especially since they pretty much know the outcome based on previously playing. Fully expecting the crowd to be down about their possibly inevitable defeat, Celestia has summoned Rainbow Dash to help change their mood. With that, RD takes to the stage and after bringing up what they already kow, sings a song to get them feeling better with the help of a band and Vinyl Scratch.
By the time the song is over, RD has "pony upped" and gotten the crowd more amped up. Backstage, the Mane six are more excited to take part but Applejack wonders why RD pony upped without playing her guitar but RD figures her awesomness is the reason. However, SS feels there's more to it and Vice Principal Luna suggests to figure it out as having magic close by could get them accused of cheating. None of them know what events are taking place so SS decides to research magic and pony upping in the library.
However, she's not getting any answers and once again reaches out to Twilight for help. At Crystal Prep, the 2nd Twilight struggles to get through the halls as she bumps into every obnoxious student along the way. Finally she makes it back to her makeshift lab where Spike is sleeping but Spike quickly awakens and greets her (and is probably not the same Spike that entered the portal and thus doesn't talk). Twilight just couldn't wait to get over to Canterlot High and with everyone from Crystal Prep going to the Friendship Games, provided no rivalries get in the way of her research, she may just get into the school she's always wanted.
Her excitement knocks her to the floor just as Cadence comes in to not only remind her of school policy but to dress nicely in seeing Principal Cinch. Furthermore, she doesn't feel Twilight's excitement about having to do everything alone even though that's why they're independent classes. Plus making new friends isn't a bad thing and she'll meet Twilight in Cinch's office in just a few minutes. Twilight doesn't understand why Cadence is worried but has nothing left to learn at Crystal Prep and sings about it. When it's over, Twilight is feeling better and enters Cinch's office.
Shining Armor is there for a new perspective and Twilight learns why she's been called here. Winning or losing isn't important at Crystal Prep but winning maintains their reputation. Cinch knows Twilight has done a lot for the school but doesn't understand why she doesn't want to compete. SA adds that representing the school is a big deal and Cinch tells he and Cadence to find the application. While they search, Cinch proposes a deal to Twilight whereby participating in the games could mean the application is approved or denied.
Twilight is released and heads back to her lab to pack, knowing that neither she nor Spike like the idea about having to compete but Twilight has no other choice. Once all packed up, she heads outside but doesn't know which bus she belongs, though a girl (revealed as Sour Sweet on her doll's box) notes where the line begins and Twilight never meant to cut the line but Sour Sweet sarcastically allows Twilight in front due to her intelligence.