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Movie Twinkle Wish Adventure (Part 1) Released:
October 13 2009
As a modified version of the Core 7 theme song plays, the Mane 7 of this movie are shown throughout, even with Scootaloo and Toola Roola shown as they were before their resize. After it finishes and the movie's title appears, we get a narration on the Winter Wishes Festival that the Core 7 ponies help create. It's all about putting the Twinkle Wish star on top of the Ever Forever Green Tree. It begins with their ornament making contest where everyone places their ornaments on the tree and their mayor selects the best one.
Scootaloo struggles to remember everything she's being told but once they bring up the Twinkle Wish star giving everyone a wish, it's everyone's favorite part and they pair up to work on said ornaments, except Cheerilee, whom feels left out but they never meant to leave her out. Their excitement just kind of took over. While the others meet at Sweetie Belle's house to collaborate, Cheerilee walks into her own house to do her's alone.
As the group gets working, things aren't going as planned as Scootaloo already made plans for the pipe cleaner and gives Pinkie Pie the rock to work with but Pinkie Pie can't help think something is missing. Nevertheless, each pair is fast at work putting their ornaments together. When they finish, it's now clear Cheerilee has been left out and race to help. Each of them contributes a piece of their own ornament to fix up Cheerilee's.
Eventually, even Scootaloo participates but she doesn't like giving up the lucky button. The ornaments are placed on the tree before Mish Mash Mee announces the arrival of the mayor, whom reveals her rephrasing nature before making Cheerilee's ornament the winner. The group walk home, excited for the Winter Wishes Festival before the mayor arrives to share the box containing Twinkle Wish but refuses to let them open it as the star needs her rest to acquire enough magic to grant everyone in Ponyville their wish.
The mayor leaves and the group crowd around the box Cheerilee now possesses, leaving Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle unable to see anything so the duo decide to find a better way. Using a trampoline, they bounce repeatedly in order to try and look before Scootaloo manages to jump over the fence and snatch the box. As she goes to have a peek, Cheerilee tries to stop her but the box is launched out of their hooves and onto the ground. Luckily, the box lands upright and unopened, at least for a moment as the box opens and Twinkle Wish makes her escape and begins her wishing rhyme.However, storm clouds appear and it's not as what is supposed to happen. As TW continues her rhyming, a yellow-orange dragon snatches her and flies away.
As Cheerilee starts an argument with Scootaloo, Pinkie Pie breaks it up as they need to strategize and requests Starsong to fly up and see where the dragon is headed. Starsong takes flight and sees that the dragon is heading to Willy Nilly Mountain, a little-known mountain where the weather is unpredictable. Worse still, the mayor arrives to check up on things and the group assure there's nothing to worry about but it sets in that they lied once the mayor is gone but once they get TW back, they'll come clean.
Pinkie Pie gets them confident enough to start their journey using her hot air balloon. The only problem is, when the group are ready to go, Rainbow Dash has filled the balloon with her belongings. As a result, they convince her to take her tiny purse but even without the extra baggage, there's no more room for Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle so they're forced to stay behind. Scootaloo is very upset but is told about taking care of TW's box with Sweetie Belle while the others are away. With that, the group board and take to the air as one of the movie's catchiest songs play.
Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle suggests having fun while they wait but Scootaloo is too down about Cheerilee being mad and won't take the offer of a cookie either (though one doesn't need to ask if they can have one of their own cookies, especially since it won't make Scootaloo feel better as she clearly isn't interested).