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The World's Biggest Tea Party (3)
As the song continues, each pony performs their own dance moves while the others cheer from the sidelines. However, Minty's dance is the last one to finish as she bumps into the record player behind her, giving Spike an idea. As a result, the original song is included as a remix and features a parody of a popular disco song. When it finally comes to an end, Rainbow Dash has decided to wear her multi-colored scarf to the world's biggest tea party and heads off with the others, leaving just Pinkie Pie on stage, whom cannot get the song out of her head.
Pinkie Pie decides to go through the list to ensure everything is going smoothly for the tea party and it is until she gets to Rarity's task but Rarity is quick to make herself known. However, her attempt to stay hidden fails as Pinkie Pie finds her and questions her about her job with the streamers. Rarity's answers are all the proof Pinkie Pie needs to conclude that Rarity is just about having fun. With the checklist seemingly complete, Pinkie Pie invites the audience to where things are being packed into the balloon for the trip. The ladybugs try to sneak in with the How To book just as Spike arrives to look for it. Minty knows everything that is coming involving the tea party and gets dizzy but Sweetberry is there to save her.
With still no luck finding the book, Spike heads off, leaving Rarity to try and explain why she doesn't have the streamers with her song about having fun, though with a twist as the others join in with their contribution to the party. When it's over, the crowd watches as the "balloon" rises into the sky and the ponies sing about their impending journy to the tune of the original Join the Promenade song, with Pinkie Pie having a feeling like something important is missing partway through. The group finish the song and arrive at the Crystal Rainbow Castle, which is special enough to prompt another song, this time to the tune of the song used towards the end of The Runaway Rainbow G3 movie.
Everyone remarks on how wonderful the castle looks and all they need now is tea but there's neither the tea pot nor the tea as despite the conclusion that Minty was responsible, Pinkie Pie was in charge of that. It still takes a bit longer to sink in and most of the others depart, leaving Pinkie Pie and Minty on stage whereby Pinkie Pie has most regrets but Minty fully understands the situation Pinkie Pie is in and sings a duet with her to the tune of So Far Apart from the Runaway Rainbow G3 movie. Even when the song concludes, Pinkie Pie doesn't know what to do next but Minty does and with the others' help, explains what to do. It helps Pinkie Pie feel better and Minty notes that they don't have to have a tea party and decide to skip out on the tea.
However, Pinkie Pie still wants it to be a tea party and needs another idea so she sings her squink song before quickly getting an idea. One of the ladybugs appears and this time both Pinkie Pie and Spike see the book, finally allowing Spike to be reunited with his lost book. Pinkie Pie asks whether the book has anything about having a big tea party and sure enough there's a poem inside but they don't have all the details the poem references until they remember the audience has the tea cups. After two attempts to recite the poem, the giant tea kettle appears and the tea pot song is recited once more. The ponies thank everyone in the audience for being with them and close the show with another singing of the world's biggest tea party song, capped off with a bunch of streamers from above.