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Treehouse Live! My Little Pony Part 1
The footage of the event has an instrumental version of the show's iconic theme tune playing but from partway though (though I assume it was playing completely before the show began) before Twilight Sparkle herself greets the audience (and you can see how cheap these costumes are compared to the G3 Live show given that Twilight's back legs aren't as sturdy, not to mention none of the show's voice actors are being used here). Twilight dives into share news of the best night ever and the Grand Galloping Gala. Furthermore, there are groups of three splitting up to take care of tasks before they're permitted to attend the event.
However, when ready to introduce her team's two other members, there's no sign of either one. Twilight becomes confused as she was certain she'd see at least Rainbow Dash flying overhead and each of them has a job to do. While she sets off to find her friends, the theme song plays, this time with the lyrics. Applejack appears just as the sound byte comes to an end but as with Twilight, her voice actor isn't used here either but at least one member of the audience recognizes her even without her hat.
In all her excitement over what could result should things get done, Applejack briefly forgets the way out. Knowing she doesn't have much time, she'd better get going but Rainbow Dash arrives, blaming sleep on her reason for being late. Rainbow Dash is excited to think about the fun that will happen at the Gala (including lines directly from the TV show as Rainbow Dash recites her vision of impressing the Wonderbolts from Season 1, Episode 26). However, Applejack has no idea what Rainbow Dash is talking about considering Rainbow Dash injured herself last month when she was trying to pull a stone.
Rainbow Dash assures she's fine but Applejack isn't so convinced and they must all do their part. Finally, Rainbow Dash accepts her fate just as Twilight arrives. Furthermore, Twilight has to put up with the flaws the other two have but finally has to break it up twice. Applejack agrees to allow for help but it's not the answer Twilight had expected and now they need to stop and think. In fact, Twilight realizes the audience has been there the whole time (about time given this is nearly halfway through the show) and is willing to put everyone's differences aside. With no sign of Pinkie Pie in the show, Twilight opts to sing Pinkie Pie's song from Over a Barrel with the others joining in (and further showing why this is so cheaply done).
The trio decide to do Applebucking first and ask the audience to help out with their imagination. Both sides are successful and Applejack admits she was rather stubborn earlier, leading Twilight to share a lesson about friendship.