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Live Performance The World's Biggest Tea Party (Part 1) Started:
We get a simple intro introducing the show's title before three ladybug friends come out with a book that Spike seems to be looking for but don't want the audience to tell anyone. Sure enough, after giving the audience his full name and welcoming them to the event, he confirms that he's looking for the very book the ladybugs have hidden away. With other things planned, Spike gets into what's to come for the young audience. To get started, Spike has the audience recite the opening words to the My Little Pony theme song. Finally, without further ado, Spike allows the curtain to be pulled back, revealing the characters and a mock-up of their world.
The audience looks on as the characters move to a slightly different version of the G3 theme song (though with the same music heard at the end of the movies). With animated eyes and mouths, Sweetberry is first to introduce herself and her persona (and I'd like to note that the voice actors that played these characters in the movies are used here, though of course they're lip syncing to the audio). It's such a good morning that the ponies break into song about it as well as introducing the others with their own song that explains who they are. When the songs end, there's just three others missing (and by this you can already see the effort they've put into this and one of them, Rarity, makes herself known.
Minty is up next but her clumsiness has gotten her with a cloth on her head and she can't see. Luckily, the cloth come off before anyone can get hurt and Minty is able to tell the audience about herself. The duo then share stories by bouncing off the last word the other one said. It's time for the first muffin of the day and the main Breezies make their apperances. However, none of them know what to do for fun and want to ask Pinkie Pie but need to have her called out, which as usual leads to them deciding to do it together. With the audience's help, Pinkie Pie arrives, though seemingly tired.
Nevertheless, Pinkie Pie introduces herself to the audience before telling a bit about herself and singing a modified version of Positively Pink. When it's over, Pinkie Pie is hungry and races to the Sweet Shop in hopes that she can get a treat before they're gone. Spike returns but still can't find his book but finds the ladybugs and they share who they are via part of the song from Pinkie Pie's Ladybug Jamboree. Spike isn't as thrilled and asks them to help find his book and off they go. Meanwhile, the stage changes to Sweetberry's Sweet Shop where Minty is late to arrive but that's no problem with her friends. Unfortunately, Minty's desire to help leaves her dizzy and feeling sick. Rarity arrives next and the group break out into song to hopefully decide what their fun will be for the day.
Pinkie Pie arrives in time to contribute to the song, where everyone pitches in their idea. Pinkie Pie cannot decide so the group sing again, this time to confirm that they're going to try and do each of their ideas. The only problem is, they don't know how they're going to do it all at once and Thistle Whistle is convinced that it's just too much. All they need is a big idea and depart, leaving Pinkie Pie alone as Spike returns. Spike still wants to find his book and the ladybugs keep quiet while Spike discusses the matter with Pinkie Pie. After letting Pinkie Pie find out who her new friends are, Spike realizes the problem Pinkie Pie is in.
Pinkie Pie decides to do one of her squinks and uses a song to explain how it works. Unfortunately, Pinkie Pie still doesn't have the idea and while the ladybugs head into the audience, Spike suggests having the audience help out. Naturally, the audience agrees to help and Pinkie Pie gets the idea. Straight from the show's title, they're having the largest tea party ever.