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Episode 52  The Quest of the Princess Ponies (Part 2) Aired:
September 8, 1987
Up in the air, the white princess pony and purple Bushwoolie are moving along when the Bushwoolie points out the direction and falls off, ending up being crystallized with the landscape. Meanwhile, Lavan has captured the princess ponies and a few Bushwoolies but they refuse to say how to use the magic wands and are on the verge sent to the lava pits. Outside, Paradise is flying through when she meets up with the white princess pony revealed as Princess Tiffany. Tiffany is about to tell her story but Paradise suggests waiting until they find Megan so that she can learn the story and help.
Back in Lavan's lair, Lavan and Sludge are bringing the princess ponies and Bushwoolies toward the lava pits when Spike gets an idea and sends the Bushwoolies flying off the walls as a distraction. It almost works until Sludge sees through it and they're brought to the lava pit's edge. While Spike and the Bushwoolies get surrounded by unsuall looking beings, Sludge falls in as the lava pit rumbles. Spike puts up a brave face and spits out some flames but the beings mistake him and the others as Lavan's henchmen and capture them.
Spike pleas to be let go and is willing to undergo a test to prove it. The being brings his chill to Spike's claw, making Spike shiver. It's enough for the beings to realize Spike isn't their enemy but Spike needs their help and melts one of the icy bars away with his fire. Once the beings learn the situation, they agree to help but there's no time to waste. Elsewhere, Paradise and Tiffany arrive and Megan and the others get acquainted with Tiffany before Tiffany shares the story of what's been going on.

Back in the caves, the princess ponies find the ground hard to walk in and use a song to encourage themselves to keep going. By the time their song is over, Spike and the other Bushwoolies have found them and they've brought along Gnash, whom admits to tunnels existing that Lavan isn't aware of. They head off while Paradise and Tiffany continue explaining the current situation before Megan takes off with Tiffany as the Rainbow of Light is the only thing that can restore things. Back in his lair, Lavan wonders if his own powers can activate the wands and successfully is able to obtain the wand's power and grow a crystallized arm.
Sludge comes in to report that the princess ponies have escaped and gets a does of Lavan's new powers. As Lavan obtains more and more crystallized body parts, the princess ponies and Gnash continue moving along. However, Lavan hears them as he gloats and brings them in to be captured once more. This time Gnash steps in to defend them and is weakend by another guard.
 The princess ponies see their wands and proceed to get them but Lavan stops them and gets them on their way to the dungeons to be dealt with later. In the skies above, Megan and Tiffany are flying through but Tiffany doesn't think she can go on much longer but presses on when she learns the Rainbow of Light is their only hope. However, the magic in the air goes out of control again and Megan drops the locket with the Rainbow of Light.