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*This special was also part of the TV series where it was edited down
Special Rescue from Midnight Castle (Part 2) Aired:
November, 1986
As they continue deeper into the water, a song breaks out and three sea ponies emerge (and it's my favorite of this TV series). The sea ponies have fun with Megan and her pony friend as the song progresses but release them at the surface when the song is over. They explain what happened and get a way to notify the sea ponies in the future. They press on and reach Mr. Moochick's place (and both he and his rabbit friend bare some differences to the movie).
Mr. Moochick explains what Tirac is planning and needs to find a Rainbow of Light, the only thing capable of defeating Tirac's Rainbow of Darkness. His rabbit friend finds it and Megan is given it and must be off without giving thanks. The group head off while Mr. Moochick struggles to find his watch. They arrive at Midnight Castle but have to cross the river so Megan calls the sea ponies to help.
It's no problem for the sea ponies and the group gets across and learn how to get inside but one of the guards notices this and reports it to Tirac. However, Tirac is too late to order Scorpan as Scorpan is nowhere to be found, at least not in Tirac's eyes. Scorpan has found Ember and Spikes' cell and breaks them out. Elsewhere in the castle, the ponies struggle to find their way and lose a member revealed as Applejack, then find themselves surrounded.
However, Scorpan steps in and helps the others escape in the nick of time. They arrive on the roof as Tirac takes to the skies and manages to stop Scorpan's intervention but Megan and Firefly are more successful, sending the bag tumbling down. Firefly and Twilight throw the back to each other to keep the guards at bay but the Stratadons block Firefly's escape and Tirac once again regains the bag. Megan unleashes the Rainbow of Light and despite it being swallowed, the rainbow overcomes the darkness and destroys it. As a bonus, the rainbow banishes Tirac and everyone is turned to normal, even Scorpan, whom is revealed to be a human too. Ember finds a butterfly on her nose and ends up sneezing into a river, giving everyone a good laugh.