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Episode 15 The Great
Rainbow Caper
October 3, 1986
One rainy day, the group watch as the Rainbow of Light dissipates clouds so they can pick cherries for Cherries Jubilee (the same pony that would spawn Cherry Jubilee in FiM). Megan wants the rainbow back inside but Danny snatches the locket and decides to have some fun, literally raining on their parade. Danny lets up and restores things to how they were but Megan notes that the Rainbow of Light is powerful and is only for special occasions (and we see that someone is watching them from a TV screen of sorts).
As a bonus, Danny decides to go with Surprise to take aerial snapshots of Ponyland and Megan hopes Danny will be careful about it. Meanwhile, we see a lab where two monkey are discussing what they can do, revealing themselves as Gizmonks. Their excitement breaks into song as they share how fun inventing can be and feed their animals in cages.  Furthermore, it won't be long before they have the Rainbow of Light.
They have to get the locket first and note that Danny and Surprise were with Megan, the present owner of the locket and decide to trap them with a cage. Worse still, a hippo of sorts picks up in the cage with them trapped and takes them back to the Gizmonks. Once there, the Gizmonks want the backpack or they'll face the hippo's wrath. Danny relents and hands over the backpack but there's nothing in it but junk so the Gizmonks call upon their gopher Drudge to report to Megan that Danny and Surprise are being held captive and won't be released unless they get the Rainbow of Light in the locket.
While they wait, the seal off their location and Danny and Surprise snicker at their upcoming plan. Outside, Gusty gets the last of the cherries down from the tree when Wind Whistler and North Star report what Drudge had (apparently) told them. Megan requests Drudge go home to say she'll get back to them and Wind Whistler to follow Drudge so they know where to go once they figure out how to rescue them. As Drudge returns home, the Gizmonks get some unexpected compliments on their inventions.
Drudge finds entering much harder than when he first left and the Gizmonks don't notice right away as they're distracted with the compliments. Drudge takes the long way in and reports what Megan told her, then agrees to let Danny and Surprise out if the duo don't touch anything. However, their sarcasm indicates they'll do the opposite and Danny disrupts the security camera outside. After more inventions are disrupted, Drudge realizes they're deliberately trashing the place and are ready to leave but wants to go with them. 
As Megan and the others arrive, they find the way blocked and need another way in. Danny, Surprise and Drudge continue making a mess and Surprise gets all she needs from the Gizmonks before leading them to the havoc that has unfolded. The Gizmonks conclude it's not worth the trouble and bolt with the animals that have been freed. A trojan horse of sorts rolls out and crashes, revealing that Danny, Surprise and Drudge were inside and the trio hint at what happened but they'll all help rebuild in any way they can.
Danny and Surprise would've done the same for everyone but it's time to head home for cheeries jubilee. However, flying isn't so easy for Surprise and she and Danny end up in a tree but with a smile as the others laugh.