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Episode 16 The Glass Princess (Part 1) Aired:
October 6, 1986
The ponies are getting set up and Surprise and Megan finish putting up a sign for the Pony Olympics. They finish in time to watch the competition in training. Unfortunately, Shady can't seem to master jumping over obstacles, even on her 2nd try, which ends up with the rest on top of her. Up above some dogbirds (literally that's what they resemble, dogs with wings) find clothing and the events below and have some fun. They end up covered from head to toe and summon Porcina to have a look. We see a cave that appears to be Porcina's lair and Porcina is a pig but isn't after their antics at all.
She wants magical material to repair her cloak, which has become worse for wear. Furthermore, the magic she lacks prevents her from turning things into glass. The trio are only putting up with Porcina long enough to get their own kingdom. They ditch the clothes and fly away but are unable to avoid bumping heads. Meanwhile, Molly uses a flower for the old loves me, loves me not game when Shady arrives and shares her situation. Since asking is the best way to know for sure if they're mad at her, Molly takes Shady to Paradise Estate to confirm.
The dogbirds find themselves in front of a meadow where Megan and several ponies are playing. They're so delighted with their find that they once again interrupt Porcina in her moment of beauty and suggest using the pony's hair to repair the cloak. Porcina is delighted and requests they return at once to get a plan formulated. The trio arrive in a barrage of junk as Porcina searches for the glassware that her face can be seen. When she finds it, she breaks into a song about her beauty and the dogbirds fake their approval as they sing along.
Outside, Shady still doesn't see what makes her so special when the others have their own unique properties. Lickety Split claims to know how Shady feels but her story isn't what Shady meant so Gusty says to just keep practicing. Neither Gusty, nor Hearthrob cheer up Shady as she walks away, wanting to be useful. Gusty, Hearthrob and Lickety Split lose sight of Shady but the dogbirds have arrived with a net and take the trio away.