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Episode 10: The End of Flutter Valley (10)
The ponies are still stuck behind Augh, whom has added to its defense with a web of its own. With a little help from the Stonebacks, Megan formulates a plan to go under Augh to get the Sunstone in place. While the digging gets underway, Reeka, Draggle and Hydia are having a celebratory cocktail party of sorts knowing full well that Augh is doing as told. The ponies they've trapped are also out of ideas and wish Megan was here.
Megan is busy with the dig and Baby Cuddles and Sting return with a few Bushwoolies and agree to help. The other two Furbobs aren't quite willing to make friends with the Stonebacks but their only chance is to work together and they do so, reaching the other side of Augh and race ahead. Augh isn't happy and tries to go after them but the hole snares him first and he runs away, taking his own web with him. Hydia sees the Flutter Ponies coming and knows it's all over but is in too much distress to move so Reeka and Draggle carry her away in defeat while Megan and the others free the ponies trapped in the web.
With everyon free, the group build a device to hoist the Sunstone back into place but it's not easy. The get the Sunstone back into place just before Bumble and her henchbees return wanting the Sunstone just as much. Morning Glory takes out Pointer but Bumble still is more resilient and isn't phased by Sting's accusations. Rosedust interrupts the feud to allow Bumble into Flutter Valley for the flowers provided she leaves the Flutter Ponies alone. Bumble is speechless and Sting is willing to perhaps come back to Bumbleland if Bumble promises to be nice.

Bumble agrees to be nice and the bees say their goodbyes before flying away. As wildlife begins to return Honeysuckle and Morning Glory realize that the two of them were right and make amends but a cloud has blocked out the sun and the witches are behind it. They plan on preventing the Sunstone from doing anything and reverting Flutter Valley back to its sorry state but the Flutter Ponies won't allow it and fight back by attacking the cloud. Hydia isn't giving up and uses a spell to hurt the wildlife but the Flutter Ponies fight harder and succeed.
With that task complete, the Flutter Ponies take after the witches, rolling them down the hill as Reeka and Draggle make sure to call Hydia anything but her true name. In celebration, the group resings their song about the sun.