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Movie My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)
(Part 1)
September 24, 2017
We start off the movie with an over-the-top animation sequence that eventually reveals the super sparkly version of the TV show's logo before getting a parody of the Go Gos' song "We Got the Beat" (no I'm not joking).  As the song plays, a group of pegasai fly through the sky and we're following them into Canterlot. Luckily, the song cuts off and we get to see the first scene Toon Boom animated (complete with what I call solar filters over their eyes as it just looks odd).
As Spike travels through with important princess documents, two other pegasai assure each other that Twilight can handle all the pressure. Unfortunately, Twilight is not handling the pressure. She tries to tell herself the way to go about her situation but cannot seem to get the courage to move forward with it. Just when she may be on the verge of tears, Spike comes in and learns the situation, which involves Twilight doubting her princesses' accepting of her request.
Spike assures things will be fine so long as Twilight remembers the most important thing (and the face Twilight gives in response is certainly creepy on all levels). She's reminded that she's a princess too and walks inside. The princesses are very excited having gotten ponies from all over attending the Friendship Festival. Luna would like to think the three of them are the reason but feels Songbird Serenade is higher up on the attention list.
With that, Twilight puts her idea into action with a lot of drawing on the whiteboard Spike pulls out. The trio end up speechless but Celestia notes that Twilight has all the magic she'll ever need, being the princess of friendship. While Twilight takes in the confirmation that her idea is a no-go, her friends are busy getting things ready for the festival. Pinkie Pie gets carried away and creates a Discord balloon that causes unintended havoc everywhere it goes, leaving Pinkie Pie to get in the way of her friends in attempt to catch it.
Applejack and Rainbow Dash manage to stay out of the way and Rainbow Dash gets a lightning fast cup of cider. Feet away, Rarity is putting up the decorations for the stage but it's taking too long for Rainbow Dash's tastes so she finishes the decorating, much to Rarity's dismay. Twilight arrives and despite their positive thinking regarding Twilight's idea, they learn it didn't go so well. Twilight's friends have faith in her but Twilight still fears the worst, leaving Pinkie Pie to get serious and up-close on Twilight.
As usual Pinkie Pie is never truly serious and lightens up eventually before the group use a song to help bring Twilight's spirit back up as they travel with her around Canterlot with other ponies joining in. With everything seemingly ready and everyone in celebration, Pinkie Pie activates her party cannon, which is apparently an easy bake party cannon and has launched a giant cake into the air. Twilight takes the full impact, leaving her and the area around her a mess.
The crowd's attention shifts as Songbird Serenade makes herself known, complete with her own security ponies and a barrage of photos being taken. She'd been looking for the pony in charge and Twilight proceeds out of the cake to greet her. Unfortunately, she ends up flinging cake right onto Songbird's outfit. Songbird's security ponies step into action and remove the offending pastry, sending it to the ground before a rumble of thunder interrupts the conversation. At first glance, Twilight thinks their storm clouds, which isn't what she asked for and puts the blame on Rainbow Dash.
Rainbow Dash dismisses them as storm clouds and sure enough, a spaceship of sorts comes out, leaving everyone but Pinkie Pie in shock and speechless. When the ship lands, it takes out a few decorations and Pinkie Pie's smile fades. As the ponies watch, the princesses are somewhat suspicious as a short new being emerges with an over-the-top microphone. He and apparently others have arrived by order of the Storm King, whose appearance is only showcased on the side of the ship. Furthermore, he announces Commander Tempest's arrival and when she appears, it's clear she's not the friendly type.
Tempest's broken horn leaves Twilight and Spike unsure if Tempest is a unicorn but Celestia, Luna and Cadence intercept, trying to be somewhat nice. Tempest wants their complete surrender but Twilight appears to maybe talk things out. Tempest is unphased and wants their magic without any fuss or delay. Since the ponies are unwilling to cooperate, it's what Tempest had hoped for and she reveals additional ships from behind plume.
With that, chaos ensues as beings resembling the Storm King emerge and attack, leaving Tempest to deal with the princesses. Tempest attacks but only manages to snare Cadence on the first try due to intervention. As Celestia gives Luna advice, Tempest snares her too. Just as Luna takes off, she's hit too and we see the end result of Tempest's magic. Tempest takes aim at Twilight but Twilight has managed to elude being hit using a decoy so she orders Grubber (the being from earlier that seems to be obssessed with food) on a mission.
Meanwhile, the Mane Six are tryoing to avoid being captured and end up on a bridge that breaks beneath them from an attack from the Storm King's henchmen, sending the group into the river below. The group end up down a waterfall, out of sight from Grubber and the others but none of them want to go in and continue the assault so they walk away. The Mane Six have managed to make it to shore before Applejack retrieves her waterlogged hat from the river. While the group discuss what to do next, Twilight sulks at the edge of the river, or seems to as she turns around to bring up what Celestia had said to Luna earlier.
Twilight feels she has to find the Queen of the Hippos but the idea isn't making any sense to the others but finding the hippos means leaving Equestria, something Fluttershy is quite fearful over. Twilight isn't making the others go but they decide to go along anyway but Pinkie Pie makes sure their journey begins on a rather annoying note.  Back in Canterlot, as the other ponies are captured and taken away, Tempest watches from a balcony above, considering the magic is being wasted on parties. She heads inside where they get an incoming message on a device that acts like a phone but is poured into a stone waterbath of sorts
It takes a while but eventually the Storm King appears, struggling to see through the cloud of foggy magic created from the call. Storm King reminds Tempest of the deal that they made involving making a storm appear but so far he'd been unable to and Tempest assures that'll happen in three days' time. Storm King departs, reminding Tempest that he's the only one that can restore her horn. With Spell Service apparently an issue, Grubber notes that Twilight has gotten away but they need all four princesses' magic to make the staff work. Tempest orders Grubber to prepare the ship.