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Episode 69 Daring Don't Aired:
December 14 2013
Up in a tree, Fluttershy is teaching baby birds on flying when Rainbow Dash zips all around her in excitement over the next Daring Do book due out in just a few months but Fluttershy isn't really as thrilled (and why not since she's not a fan of the series). RD decides to fantasize at what the new book's adventure will entail and ends up plowing into the tree, leaving Fluttershy to fear that RD won't last the remaining months.Her excitement brings her to Twilight's house where the others are celebrating National Random Holiday Party day.
AJ would've invited RD personally but found her too busy reading the last Daring Do book for the 12th time. However, Twilight breaks the news that the book is delayed another 2 months due to the author A.K. Yearling not able to finish sooner. Twilight is just a big a fan as RD and knows much more about the author.  What she doesn't know is where the author lives but RD gets an idea to help out the author with whatever they need. Twilight isn't wild on the idea, suggesting that the author wants privacy but is willing to go anyway, given that the author can just say no.

They embark on the journey and Pinkie Pie can't help but mark the trail with red paint. RD finds the house and it's not as they'd hoped as an intrusion appears to have taken place. Once inside, the house is a mess and fear the worst but A.K Yearling herself appears and accuses them of causing the mess. She selects a book with a horseshoe of sorts and unlocks it to reveal a golden ring. RD wants AKY to move along with the book but Twilight reminds her about AKY's desire to be left alone.

 Unfortunately, three other ponies do not seem to care as they break in through the roof and AKY reveals herself as the very character her books are about, Daring Do.
A brawl ensues as the group watches from outside and RD calls out to her but it's enough of a distraction for Dr. Caballeron and his crew to obtain the golden ring and leave Daring Do suffering the consequences of the brawl. Twilight and her group re-enter the house to see DD bandaged up and refusing any care as she does it alone.

RD isn't willing to let DD do it alone (especially given that it wouldn't have worked out if Twilight had battled Nightmare Moon on her own back in episode 1). This starts a back-and-forth conversation between her and Twilight about the DD books that ends in RD convincing everyone to help DD if they come up with a plan but RD takes to the skies anyway. She finds DD shortly after and has to snap herself out of the inner conflicts she encounters.DD sees her and tackles her only to be mistaken and refuses all of RD's offers to join her.
DD gets her disguise ready and shows the thieves the bag of money. Ahuizotl isn't happy and demands the ring be handed over but DD grips it instead and faces the army of wild animals, leaving RD nervous and offering the return of her hat. However, Ahuizotl captures RD and leaves DD distracted long enough for the animals to capture her. RD vows to help but is tossed aside as DD notes that she's helped plenty.
 Twilight's group find RD heartbroken at what she's done and walks away, admitting that Twilight was right about privacy and is better off without DD. AJ notes that this isn't the RD they know and Twilight gets her to come along. We find DD trapped with (what looks to be piranha) in the water below and DD wants out or she vows to make Ahuizotl pay. However, as much as Ahuizotl loves her jokes, he must complete the ring ceremony and unleash 800 years of sweltering heat and leaves DD fighting to get out before the water drowns her. She gets free and RD helps her up to the ledge only to learn that she was going to get there herself.
DD reminds RD that she does things alone but RD mentions that she doesn't work alone and gets DD to at least fake a smile. At the ceremony, the rest of Twilight's group engage in a brawl for the rings and RD and DD sneak in to get the rest off but didn't count on the last ring being as heavy as it is and realizes help can be handy at times. Ahuizotl gets a ring just as DD and RD get the last ring within inches of being removed and bringing down the fortress.
The group and DD make it out just as the fortress crumbles, leaving Ahuizotl and the rest buried in the rubble. RD and DD throw the ring to the ground, breaking it into several pieces and states that she couldn't have done it without RD and takes in a hug before heading off to finish her book. Back home, RD writes her letter to Celestia about what she learned but is interrupted by the mailpony, whom delivers a package for her. Inside is the latest DD book before everyone else and RD is delighted to have it.