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Movie MLP EqG: Rainbow Rocks (Part 3) Aired:
September 27 2014
The Dazzlings are up next and Adagio reminds Sonata and her friend to save their true magic for the end. With that, they begin their next song about how they snookered everyone. As it plays, a montage of the tournament is shown as we see the tournament wind down to the round before the finals and it's up to The Rainbooms to get there. Trixie's band takes their turn and the judges love it. Trixie then gloats on her status over Twilight and her band but Rainbow Dash is equally gloating so Trixie pulls a fake disappearing act.
The Rainbooms take the stage with a Rainbow Dash-centered song (selfish much?) before Sunset Shimmer cuts the song short and gives everyone the reason to continue hating her. (Of course, there's no telling whether the song would've gone through without a hitch given that the others weren't thrilled to play it.) Trixie liked their performance, especially Sunset Shimmer's part. As the judges appear, so do The Dazzlings and the decision advances The Rainbooms to the next round (leading me to believe The Dazzlings manipulated the results but if they don't want their plans foiled, why would they advance the one band that can stop them?)
The crowd isn't happy as The Rainbooms exit the stage and Trixie is outraged so The Dazzlings give her the idea to prevent The Rainbooms from appearing during the finals. Later, as the group discusses how they advanced in spite of their poor performance, Trixie and her band appear and use a trap door to put them underground. That night, as The Rainbooms remain below ground, Trixie performs. Things only get worse as Rainbow Dash tries to get the door open without success and an argument over things that went wrong releases their negative energy that The Dazzlings see from above ground before performing their next song. Sunset Shimmer realizes that the very bickering they've been doing is what The Dazzlings are feeding off of and gets the arguing to stop.
The group tries the door again but to no avail until Spike and Vinyl Scratch appear to get the door open. Spike had been looking for someone not affected by The Dazzlings all this time. The group decide to follow everyone's decisions and head outside to the top of a hill several feet from the stage. However, Rainbow Dash finds a problem of overpowering The Dazzlings at such a distance but Vinyl appears with a car that transforms itself into a stereo system. As they perform, The Dazzlings undergo a transformation sequence but The Rainboom's latest song interrupts them and they agree to duke it out, unleashing their siren forms in the process.The two sides struggle before The Dazzlings prove to be too much and the microphone leaves Twilight's hand to land at Sunset Shimmer's feet.
They need Sunset Shimmer's help and they get it, joining in as her song takes shape, unraveling The Dazzlings' spell. With the crowd dancing and singing along, a special alacorn appears and takes down The Dazzlings' siren forms and destroys their pendants. The Dazzlings try to continue but their voices are now what they always were without the pendants and they're bombarded with food before running away. Sunset Shimmer sees the shattered remains of a pendant and concludes that it's why they were so special. Flash runs up to Twilight and hugs her before Trixie intercepts and does her fake disappearing act once more. With Twilight going back to Equestria soon, The Rainbooms need another member and agree to let Sunset Shimmer join and she proves to be a guitar expert too. The next day, the group chat for a tiny bit before Spike and Twilight head through the portal.Sometime later, Sunset Shimmer writes to Twilight on how things are going before she's needed for band practice.