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Movie MLP EqG: Legend of Everfree (Part 3) Aired:
September 24 2016
Twilight doesn't understand what Timber has to do with all this but Gloriosa reveals that it's all her doing despite what Sunset Shimmer had seen earlier. Gloriosa claims she'd never sell the camp but Sunset Shimmer looks into her mind and sees why this is takng place from a plea to have an extension for the payment deadline to taking the new powers and harnessing them for herself despite Timber's protest. It's now clear that the argument Sunset Shimmer overheard earlier was about Gloriosa being requested to let go of the magical geodes and it was Gloriosa that caused the freak sailboating accident earlier.
Despite Twilight's suggestion to not use the geodes anymore, Gloriosa instead adds the other two geodes to her collection and traps both Sunset Shimmer and Twilight in a tomb of vines before transforming herself into a dark entity and leaving no way into the cave. At the dock, Rarity checks out each outfit to make sure it's the way she wants them to be but no one is aware of where Sunset Shimmer and Twilight have gone. Regardless, they perform the rehersal with out those two pretty well flawlessly, though Applejack is greenlit to keep the outfit afterwards. Gloriosa passes by Snips and Snails, whom are set with water balloons but cannot figure out what has happened to the one they know as Gloriosa.
As another run of the fashion show is underway, the music is cut off as Gloriosa arrives to announce that their stay is the last week of the camp ever thanks to Filthy Rich. As a result, Gloriosa is taking full advantage and surrounds the campers in a circle of vines that damages the newly rebuilt dock. Furthermore, Gloriosa breaks into song on how her day to get rid of Filthy Rich is here. As the song progresses, Gloriosa continues building vines, trapping many of the campers inside a building while Timber feebly hacks away at the vines with an axe before it gets taken away. With Gloriosa occupied in her gloating, the remaining members of the Mane Six are planning to do what they always do at a time like this, save the day and Rainbow Dash gets them started.
Each one helps out and ponys up with their pony counterpart's properties. However, stopping Gloriosa proves to be much harder as every attempt to destroy the vines is quickly mitigated. Inside the cave, Spike just manages to free Sunset Shimmer and Twilight from their trap but now they have to escape and that means Twilight has to use her magic. With some coercing, Twilight gets going and just manages to move the boulder but it takes a lot out of her. While the trio make their escape, Rarity has no luck convincing Gloriosa to stop her vengeance and instead only makes her angrier. Not even Timber is any use and he gets trapped too.
On the other side, the trio reach the vines but they need Twilight's magic to try and break through but Twilight isn't so sure she can with fears of her dark side coming back. Sunset Shimmer ponys up and gets Twilight to agree to it. They get through just as Gloriosa is completely consumed by vines but get Rarity to make a special shield for them to reside in as the vines close in. Twilight still has fears of her dark side prevailing but eventually gets going on her magic. However, her dark side isn't willing to be controlled so easily and starts to take hold but her friends use their elements of harmony to help stop the transformation.
Twilight gains the courage to get rid of her dark side and ponys up before opening up the vines that had been trapping them and Gloriosa. As a bonus, Twilight takes out the magical geodes and gives one of them to each of her friends, leaving each of them with a new look. When it's over, the vines are gone and Gloriosa is motionless on the grass, leaving Timber to run to her aid. Fortunately, Gloriosa is revived but with no memory of what happened. The Mane Six have mixed reactions regarding their new necklaces but Sunset Shimmer feels its their connection to them and while they all help rebuild the dock once more, Gloriosa apologizes to Celestia and Luna but knows what's about to happen instead of her intentions.
The campers aren't about to let that happen and pitch in to help with my favorite song of the movie playing throughout. When it's over, the band is met with much applause and Gloriosa thanks everyone for coming and raising enough money to save the camp. As the party continues, Twilight and Timber discuss the matter of which of them saved all the campers but regardless, Twilight is glad she met Timber. However Timber takes that as a goodbye and had plans for maybe dinner and a movie. Twilight agrees she'd like the idea but just when they get back into romance, Gloriosa interrupts them to take Timber away to meet special people.
Meanwhile, Twilight isn't off the hook as the others saw the whole thing. Rainbow Dash loves her new superpowers, which Sunset Shimmer believes are from the crystals they now have, or even had them all along. Twilight gets the dance she promised Timber but one thing is still on Sunset Shimmer's mind. Where did the magic that infested the camp come from? All we get is the hint that it came from the portal at Canterlot High School.