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Movie MLP EqG: Legend of Everfree (Part 1) Aired:
September 24 2016
We find science Twilight asleep with perhaps some nightmare still in progress when Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash call out to her that the bus' departure is 10 minutes away. Twilight awakens quickly in a panic and races to get dressed and packed but her friends are in her room before she can even start. It's not like Twilight to oversleep but they quickly find out why she overslept thanks to the alarm clock under her pillow. With a little help from her friends, Twilight is packed but needs to change out of her PJs and does so while Rarity explains the necessesities of bring a dress out in the woods.
However, the fiend from the Friendship Games emerges for revenge and makes all her friends vanish. Luckily, it was all just a dream as we're brought to Twilight already on the bus and needing to wake from the nightmare. Sunset Shimmer isn't so sure Twilight is feeling okay but Twilight assures she's fine and Pinkie Pie adds of the marshmellow fun they'll do once they arrive, though Rainbow Dash doesn't agree. Principal Celestia interrupts to share that they're nearly there before Luna notes that since the two of them had fun, the class will too and everyone is excited to be at Camp Everfree.
As the bus moves along, the opening credits roll and a song begins. By the time the song and credits end, the bus has arrived and everyone has stepped outside, each one having plans of what they'll do while there. The group needs a break after all they've gone through with the previous three adventures and Twilight gets her first taste of Flash Sentry, whom is confused that he doesn't know her and vice-versa so Sunset fills Twilight in on the details. Before any of them can get started or add more information, they're called to the courtyard where a female and male person are standing by, revealed as Gloriosa Daisy and Timber Spruce respectively. With the floor open for suggestions, Rainbow Dash makes the first few.
However, Timber finds some of the acceptions questionable, including the fashion show and the gift that is given every year that Celestia suggests, causing a little tension between Gloriosa and Timber that doesn't go completely unnoticed. After a brief explanation and show of a few gifts the camp has been given, it's time for tent assignments and everyone is happy with their results, though Twilight isn't so sure until Timber clarifies it and gives her something to blush over. Timber breaks away to joke with Bulk Biceps before taking him to his assigned tent. Twilight heads over to her friends but her actions didn't go unnoticed.
Gloriosa is willing to let them get settled in for 15 minutes before requesting they return back to her for safety rules but a car shows up and none other than Filthy Rich himself steps out, much to her disgust. He finds the camp relaxing but it's not any more comforting to her. Fortunately for Gloriosa, Filthy Rich doesn't stay long and heads away, leaving her to explain Filthy Rich's relation to the camp before letting everyone do as she allowed them to do before the intrusion. Meanwhile, Applejack and Rarity discuss the pending fashion show, which Applejack cannot believe was approved. They pass by Sunset Shimmer and Twilights' tent, whom are busy taking their belongings out and discussing prior events.
What's done is done and now everyone loves Twilight, especially since the events that transpired at the Friendship Games were Principal Cinch's fault. Rainbow Dash calls out to them to come along and Sunset Shimmer assures they'll be there shortly but end up with their belongings floating in the air without any explanation. It's not clear whether Twilight or Sunset or even either one of them are responsible but Twilight doesn't want it brought up given this was meant to be their time away from freaky magic events. Twilight heads out, leaving Sunset Shimmer to find out that there's no way she's levitating the sunscreen of the floor. Once outside, Sunset Shimmer runs into Gloriosa and gets a bizarre voice response.
Gloriosa pretends it didn't happen and diffuses the situation before Pinkie Pie ruins her train of thought. The group arrive at the lake where Twilight has a little trouble at the dock when a wooden board gives out, leaving her to land in Timber's arms. Flash Sentry probably shouldn't be too jealous given it's not the same Twilight he's known but Sunset Shimmer only adds to the downside by noting that the Twilight he loves is not likely to be around much. With safety concerns over the dock from Twilight's accident, Luna suggests the dock be closed for the remainder of the week, which doesn't go over well with the campers. Applejack gets an idea and suggests they build a new dock to be part of their gift.
Despite Timber not entirely liking the idea, everyone else does so it's more-or-less approved and the group get to work planning how the new dock will look. With darkness approaching, Celestia calls off the work on the dock until morning, letting Gloriosa invite them for a night of smores and scary stories. That night, Rarity tells her "scary" story but no one is really frightened so Timber has a much more scary story about the legend behind Gaia Everfree. When it's over, it's time for bed but Gloriosa gets a few more requests that she happily agrees to fulfill. Elsewhere, Rainbow Dash fears Gaia Everfree could be real but Applejack and Pinkie Pie feel the story was made up just for scares, or at least Applejack hopes so.
Twilight gets one last reminder of the disaster at the Friendship Games before heading back to her tent for bed. As dawn approaches, Twilight has another nightmare about her dark side and her yell wakes Sunset Shimmer before they both see the magic levitation at work again for a brief period but Spike isn't willing to get up just yet, even after his bed hits the floor hard after the magic levitation ends.