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Movie My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (Part 4) Aired:
June 16 2013
Sunset Shimmer places the crown onto her head and transforms into a demon like creature and quickly converts Snips and Snails to be like her. (So much for the crown being useless on its own. Perhaps it's her magic that makes it work?) She decides to let bygones be bygones and makes a new entrance into the school to start a collection of zombie students by the portal, which she didn't really want to destroy at all. She makes Twilight the first to feel her wrath but her friends band together and neutralize the attack. Furthermore, Twilight obtains the magic within the crown and uses it to convert herself and her friends into a pony-human hybrid before the elements make Sunset Shimmer follow the path of Nightmare Moon by undoing any effects her magic had on the students.

In its wake is a giant hole with Sunset Shimmer in tears as she apologizes and is left with the choice of being alone or becoming friends (frankly I wouldn't give her the choice because she's been a jerk throughout the movie and isn't deserving of any kind of sympathy). Twilight helps SS up and says her friends can teach her all about friendship. Spike gives a cheer but the thought of a talking dog is enough to leave one student a bit uneasy (and Spike has it right as the movie has shown weirder things).
Principal Celestia comes out to give Twilight back her crown and the Fall Princes Formal dance resumes and a reprise of "Our Big Night" plays while Photo Finish snaps a photo of the group. Outside, the group discuss what will happen now as SS and SnS work to make things right before it's time for Twilight and Spike to go. Back in the Crystal Empire castle, Twilight and Spike assure that Sunset Shimmer is in good hands but the group is clueless about what hands are but are eager to learn what happened over there and are shocked to find there was dancing and that Twilight has a thing for the new guard Flash Sentry (whom is the only one in golden armor). Twilight just shrugs it off and is happy to be back home.