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Movie My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (Part 1) Aired:
June 16 2013
As nighttime approaches the Mane Six arrive in the Crystal Empire for Twilight's special celebration and Pinkie Pie sums up Twilight's feelings (and mine about the movie before I saw it). Twilight still hasn't gotten used to having wings and doesn't like wearing her crown. Inside the castle, they find the remaining princesses Luna, Cadance and Celestia whom have much to discuss but are willing to wait another day as Twilight and her group look tired and are advised to sleep. That night, as Spike prepares for bed, Twilight remains worried as she tries on her crown, not happy at the thought that she may have to rule over her own empire. Twilight and Spike get into bed but with her new wings, Twilight finds trouble getting them folded in and therefore cannot sleep comfortably.
With that, a special remixed intro takes place as we find all the familiar names (generously) scribbled throughout, including a new character named Sunset Shimmer. As the night wears on and a guard keeps watch, a door opens and a figures sneaks past him.The figure sneaks into Twilight's room and lifts the crown off the table with her magic and swaps it for a fake before proceeding out the way they came and trips over Spike's tail, waking both Spike and Twilight up. Twilight spots her crown in the new pony's possession and darts after her with Twilight's cries awakening the others. Twilight intercepts her thief's escape and her full appearance is revealed but the thief continues on until Twilight pins her down, sending the crown ricocheting off walls and objects before flying through a mirror portal. The thief heads in after the crown and the next day, they learn she's Sunset Shimmer, one of Celestia's former students. Luna adds that the mirror is the gateway to another world and opens once every 30 moons and was brought here for Cadance to watch over.
Twilight must now enter this new world and retrieve her crown as the Elements of Harmony are otherwise useless and they'll be defenseless. She proceeds to walk the steps to the portal but Rainbow Dash adds that she and her friends are going too. However, Celestia adds that letting them go with Twilight would upset the balance of the new world and would prevent Twilight from getting her crown back. Luna warns that once the moon gets high enough, it'll close the gateway for 30 moons. Nevertheless, Twilight makes her way into the portal but Spike can't bare to see her go alone and joins her. When they open their eyes and see each other, Spike has become a dog and Twilight has become a human but Twilight is in total panic mode and Spike has to shut her up. All Twilight knows is they must find the crown but her pony instinct kicks in and she does more of a bear run before Spike points out that's not how normal humans walk.
Twilight stands on her feet but it's much harder than it looks as she slowly makes her way up the steps of a high school. She doesn't have her wings but her powers are gone as well as she plows into one of the entrance doors. They enter the school, which is currently empty and find a pane of glass to get a good look at herself and suspects maybe the objects inside are other things Sunset Shimmer stole from Equestria but before she can get an answer, the school bell rings and students flood in. She trips and gets a help up from one of the students. As she walks through the halls, the first song of the movie plays as she expresses her thoughts on where she is. When it ends, Twilight overhears a conversation between two familiar faces.
It's Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer conversing about what Fluttershy picked up that neither of them own and SS feels the need to bring her down with insults about her friends but Twilight and Spike step up and attempt to put her in her place (and Twilight is doing it the way it should be done) but SS instead concludes that Twilight is new and walks away. Fluttershy is amazed what Twilight did as no one had stood up to SS before. Furthermore, Fluttershy hasn't seen Twilight around before (which is strange as I thought she'd recognize her as well as Twilight recognized her). They introduce each other but much like in episode 1, Twilight can't catch Fluttershy's name clearly (and thus far they're remaining as their pony selves) but Fluttershy darts over to Spike to marvel at his looks. Twilight asks where the crown is and Fluttershy explains how she got the crown and had given it to Principal Celestia.
After being told where to find Celestia's office, she heads out with some advice to keep Spike in her backpack as Fluttershy does.The bell for class rings and while Fluttershy darts off, Twilight enters Celestia's office, explaining her situation and is asked about trying out for the Fall Princess Formal. Twilight remains uninterested even after explaining what goes on (and SS is in two pics already, indicating that she was chosen the last two years in a row). Outside Celestia's office, Twilight decides to join the Fall Princess Formal to get her crown back without a clue how to do it. In the cafeteria, Twilight and Fluttershy are getting lunch when Twilight says she's running for Fall Princess Formal but Fluttershy says it's a bad idea as SS has been the FPF leader.