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Deeper Intrigue

A blog that details the newspaper articles and events as they occur in Weightopia.


Date (Article #)
Date (Article #)
5/28/20 (Article #7)
Tubby Teacher Punishes with Plump Patootie
Students found out the soft way that when punished, Mrs. Prime Mary sits on them so they can't breathe. "It's a good way to teach them a lesson and they can't take it as a positive since they can't breathe. I don't do it for very long but repeat offenders are kicked out of the school," explained Mrs. Prime Mary. The Grayscale Girls say photos don't do it justice and don't recommend following Mrs. Prime Mary's methods for punishment.
5/16/20 (Article #6)
Rotund Rainbow Resident Reveals Peculiar Property
Rainbelly, whose dominant behavior proved too much for her previous home, has admitted she has a special detail. "My navel will glow when it's ready for that moment if you will. I wasn't even aware that it would happen until now. Now the next question is how long does it take to turn off," giggled Rainbelly. Sunny Belle says she approves of her dominant behavior and has asked her if she wanted to join them as leader.
5/4/20 (Article #5)
School Scrutinzed for Strict Schedule
Weightopia Academy has received negative reviews from ponies outside the town. "They feel there's no time for play or to eat but they just aren't looking hard enough. There's 5 minutes of play at the end and 5 minutes for lunch in the middle. We simply don't have time for large breaks," explained Mrs. Prime Mary. Mayor Goldie Rain said those that wanted to could request the class schedule but would have to attend
the school to truly understand how it works.
4/20/20 (Article #4)
Turmoil between Towns Causes Confusion
Weightopians have found out about Navelle, a town with a more specific kink of navels, leaving residents confused about which came first. "It's possible we just weren't aware of the others' planning to create a town. I guess it was bound to happen eventually. We're probably better off having two towns anyway just so ponies don't feel like they don't have anywhere else to go if they leave one town," remarked Goldie Rain. Mrs. Prime Mary says that the other town is still much like their own so it's hardly a reason to fight over it and is willing to let the residents of Navelle come visit any time.
4/4/20 (Article #3)
Big Belly Beauty Gets Aggressive with Residents
A rainbow-colored pony has arrived that is taking things to a level the others didn't expect, not even Group A. "She's very into domination and Belly Love as we call it and that's kind of her way of greeting others. It's rather sudden but we can't really say no to her as it's not necessarily harmful," explained Sunny Belle. The pony, nicknamed "Rainbelly" says she was overly excited to find a town she could feel at home as her behavior was not well-received where she was previously living.
3/23/20: (Article #2)
Grayscale Girls Reveal Backstory behind Newspaper Design
Weightopia's group known for the newspaper itself has come out to explain the nature of the newspaper. "It's an old fashioned newspaper because that is what my group and I agreed on doing and since one of us is already fond and familiar with ink, it only made sense, especailly since they were the same color as the ink. It's also not something commonly seen anymore," stated Printy Pie. Heart Princess says the story behind the newspaper ties any loose ends that would've been present from curious ponies.
3/5/20 (Article #1)
Weightopia Academy Open for Business
Residents got their first look inside the academy this week. "It looks rather strict in terms of what they teach but it's only been a few days. I'm sure it'll get better," commented Diamond Fluff. Mayor Goldie Rain says the education may help relieve some stress from the groups as they're often facing pressure due to the differing ideologies.