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Deeper Intrigue (2020)

A blog that details the newspaper articles and events as they occur in Weightopia.


12/10/20 (Article #24)
Bountiful Academy Back in Business
Mrs. Prime Mary has gotten replacement parts for everything she needed thanks to an unlikely source, Mrs. Float from Pudgyville. "She was greatful in providing what we needed. I certainly didn't expect her to cooperate as she was on Pudgyville's side and I'd thought she was building only attachments for the navel. We were able to pay her back using some of the carnival money too," stated Mrs. Prime Mary. Sunny Belle said installing the parts still took a while but it was worth the wait in the end.
12/2/20(Article #23)
Chubby Carnival a Sexy Success
Goldie Rain's carnival has proven better than expected. "The activities were all designed with the town in mind and it really attracted a crowd. Some came for the private activities, others came for the more open activities. It should top Pudgyville's so-called amusement park 10 fold. It's also cheaper so that we can make more in the end," explained Goldie Rain. Rainbelly said she was part of the show as she guided others through a dark tunnel with surprises at every corner.
11/24/20 (Article #22)
Rotund Rainbow Hiding LED Light?
Rainbelly's special property has caused controversy thanks to a claim about her hiding an LED light in her navel to make it work and thus has total control over where and when her navel lights up. "Does it look like I have a way to fit an LED light anywhere? It'd be pretty obvious anyway. My navel may be deep but not deep enough to swallow any sort of light without it being obvious. Besides, if that were true, I'd still be at Weightopia Academy," remarked Rainbelly. Sunny Belle said whomever made the claim was probably using it for attention and/or showed disdain for her as a whole.
11/16/20 (Article #21)
Fatty Four become Gorgeous Group
Group F has been made thanks to new arrivals. "We thought we'd fill the void considering no one else had. We'll just call ourselves the Flabtastic Four and would rather keep our true identities a mystery," explained one member. A 2nd member said they can assure everyone else they won't cause any problems while they're here but rather solve them as a whole.
11/8/20 (Article #20)
Interference Issue Finally Fixed
Ms. Prime Mary has resolved the issue regarding interference. "It was more simple than I thought it would be. A damaged wire was allowing outside parties to access the vital cable that controls my TV. One would've thought I'd see it before now but when you're as big as I am, it's easy to over look anything that is hidden by your big belly," stated Prime Mary. Mayor Goldie Rain said they'll need a place to buy new components to replace old ones but currently doesn't know if any exist.
10/31/20 (Article #19)
Luscious Mayor Brings Big Belly Carnival
Mayor Goldie Rain has opted for a carnival in attempt to bring new residents. "We used the extra money given to us from Group G to help out but we've had money set aside for other things anyway. It's just a fun way to attract customers and of course there will be plenty to do. We just have to get things going," explained Goldie Rain. Mrs. Prime Mary said younger ones can pay her classroom a visit during the carnival and learn about what she teaches.
10/23/20 (Article #18)
Tubby Town Remarks on Neighbor's Past
Weightopians found a book from the town of Pudgyvillle regarding its anti-fat past. "We're not even sure if that past has stayed in the past as we've never visted Pudgyville before. I'd have thought we'd hear something by now but we aren't close enough to see or hear anything from them. We're glad we didn't have to go through any of that and it says they also had activities afterwards, even when they fully supported fat. Nevertheless, I don't see why they allow non-fatties into their town. It's called Pudgyville after all," told Sunny Belle. Rainbelly said she feels sorry for Pudgyville but doesn't know if it's worthwhile to vist them and learn the truth.
10/15/20 (Article #17)
Group G Creates Luscious Lineart
Weightopia's newest group opted to furthe profit with coloring book pages. "Why just settle for our photos when you can take them home and color them in your free time? Ours feature motion as well so tilting the book one way or another provides movement for the image. It'll be like a cartoon only better," stated Gem Wand. Glory Ghoul said they never went too far regarding details, just the deep navel and jiggles. Glamour Game said it'll also give a small portion to the town itself.
10/7/20 (Article #16)
Tubby Teacher Digs Deeper into Dilemma
Mrs. Prime Mary has looked into the situation regarding the recent interruptions. "Someone outside this town is causing the disturbances. They seem to have no regular pattern to follow and I'm sure that' just the way they want it. I'll have to run tests to see if I can pinpoint a more predictable pattern," explained Mrs. Prime Mary. Goldie Rain said she'll be helping to run the tests off and on while she manages the town and is hopeful nothing else will go wrong in the mean time.
9/29/20 (Article #15)
Group G Girls Use Plump Photoshoot for Profit
Group G has revealed more about themselves. "Apparently they use their size for profit, not by selling themselves to someone else but selling items like photos and toys to others, in order to make money," stated Goldie Rain. "Well someone has to do it and besides, we know we're the best fatties in town. No one can match our jiggle or bounce per step ratio," stated Glamour Game. Gem Wand said they believe stripes are fattening not slimming and have proven that with belly slaps and jiggles.
9/21/20: (Article #14)
Jiggly Rainbow Demonstrates with Delight
Rainbelly caught the attention of Group A and shared her behavior with them. "They took it rather well and they love my body's sheer size and even my special property," stated Rainbelly. Sunny Belle said they had Rainbelly walk around so they could watch her body jiggle and see if it met their standards. Diamond Fluff added that she was somewhat jealous of how much bounce Rainbelly's belly had.
9/13/20 (Article #13)
Plump Preschool Show Causes Further Peril
Another interruption of the newspaper has prompted The Grayscale Girls to investigate further. "Now we don't know what's going on. An ordinary signal interruption wouldn't cause this. I think it might be deliberate," explained Inky Pie. Mrs. Prime Mary added that it has also interrupted her class teachings as sometimes she needs a TV to showcase what she's talking about. The Grayscale Girls have agreed to put on hold any future physical publications of the town newspaper until the issue is resolved.
9/5/20 (Article #12)
Gorgeous Group Gloats about Gluttony
A new group of ponies has arrived that has gotten the other groups talking. "They sure are full of themselves, moreso than Group A. They call themselves Group G even though there's no Group F but I suppose that's due to their names all beginning with G," explained Sunny Belle. Rainbelly said they occasionally look back at the other groups but it's very short-lived and presumes it was only to gather up more info about the other groups. Mayor Goldie Rain said Group A could possibly join with them and is hopeful it won't lead to more issues down the road.
8/28/20 (Article #11)
Famous Fatty Brings Plump Physics
A new resident has arrived with details on how the so-called "jiggle physics" works. "I figured this town could use someone who knew about how fat worked when in motion. I know it may not be entirely necessary, just something they might enjoy learning about," explained Jazzy Bounce. Mayor Goldie Rain said it'd take their mind off of her recent escapade with navel stickers and would allow the town to relax and have fun again.
8/16/20 (Article #10)
Tubby Teacher Rejects Rotund Rainbow
Mrs. Prime Mary had initially accepted Rainbelly to her class but has since had her remove due to repeated distractions. "Her navel was bright enough that none of my students, nor I, could focus. She had said it would turn off but since there's limited breaks in my class, that's just not good enough given that it's a property of her's. She'll have to find studies elsewhere," told Mrs. Prime Mary. Rainbelly said she was hopeful she wouldn't have to deal with her special property in class but said she has no control over exactly when and where her navel lights up.
6/13/20 (Article #9)
Rotund Residents Find Peculiar Preschool Show
Instead of what Mrs. Prime Mary had in mind, residents got an unusual sight in the form of a TV show aimed at younger ponies. "I don't know whether the tape was altered or whether the TV signal was switched but either way, the TV show didn't sit well with my class, even though it was about being fat," explained Mrs. Prime Mary. The Grayscale Girls said their newspaper machine was temporarily interrupted and suggest it was a signal interference that caused the issue.
6/5/20 (Article #8)
Big Belly Mayor a Fatty Fraud!?
Residents have begun to question Mayor Goldie Rain after her recent action of releasing fake navel stickers to make everyone have the same navel design. "I just wanted everyone to be equal without facing backlash but I suppose I deserve the backlash because of such a lame tactic. Besides, they'd figure it out anyway once the sticker came off. Maybe I'm just not fond of these groups not working together?" explained Goldie Rain. Sunny Belle said the stickers didn't even last long anyway so any attempt to hide the navel was fruitless.
5/28/20 (Article #7)
Tubby Teacher Punishes with Plump Patootie
Students found out the soft way that when punished, Mrs. Prime Mary sits on them so they can't breathe. "It's a good way to teach them a lesson and they can't take it as a positive since they can't breathe. I don't do it for very long but repeat offenders are kicked out of the school," explained Mrs. Prime Mary. The Grayscale Girls say photos don't do it justice and don't recommend following Mrs. Prime Mary's methods for punishment.
5/16/20 (Article #6)
Rotund Rainbow Resident Reveals Peculiar Property
Rainbelly, whose dominant behavior proved too much for her previous home, has admitted she has a special detail. "My navel will glow when it's ready for that moment if you will. I wasn't even aware that it would happen until now. Now the next question is how long does it take to turn off," giggled Rainbelly. Sunny Belle says she approves of her dominant behavior and has asked her if she wanted to join them as leader.
5/4/20 (Article #5)
School Scrutinzed for Strict Schedule
Weightopia Academy has received negative reviews from ponies outside the town. "They feel there's no time for play or to eat but they just aren't looking hard enough. There's 5 minutes of play at the end and 5 minutes for lunch in the middle. We simply don't have time for large breaks," explained Mrs. Prime Mary. Mayor Goldie Rain said those that wanted to could request the class schedule but would have to attend
the school to truly understand how it works.
4/20/20 (Article #4)
Turmoil between Towns Causes Confusion
Weightopians have found out about Navelle, a town with a more specific kink of navels, leaving residents confused about which came first. "It's possible we just weren't aware of the others' planning to create a town. I guess it was bound to happen eventually. We're probably better off having two towns anyway just so ponies don't feel like they don't have anywhere else to go if they leave one town," remarked Goldie Rain. Mrs. Prime Mary says that the other town is still much like their own so it's hardly a reason to fight over it and is willing to let the residents of Navelle come visit any time.
4/4/20 (Article #3)
Big Belly Beauty Gets Aggressive with Residents
A rainbow-colored pony has arrived that is taking things to a level the others didn't expect, not even Group A. "She's very into domination and Belly Love as we call it and that's kind of her way of greeting others. It's rather sudden but we can't really say no to her as it's not necessarily harmful," explained Sunny Belle. The pony, nicknamed "Rainbelly" says she was overly excited to find a town she could feel at home as her behavior was not well-received where she was previously living.
3/23/20: (Article #2)
Grayscale Girls Reveal Backstory behind Newspaper Design
Weightopia's group known for the newspaper itself has come out to explain the nature of the newspaper. "It's an old fashioned newspaper because that is what my group and I agreed on doing and since one of us is already fond and familiar with ink, it only made sense, especailly since they were the same color as the ink. It's also not something commonly seen anymore," stated Printy Pie. Heart Princess says the story behind the newspaper ties any loose ends that would've been present from curious ponies.
3/5/20 (Article #1)
Weightopia Academy Open for Business
Residents got their first look inside the academy this week. "It looks rather strict in terms of what they teach but it's only been a few days. I'm sure it'll get better," commented Diamond Fluff. Mayor Goldie Rain says the education may help relieve some stress from the groups as they're often facing pressure due to the differing ideologies.