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Deeper Intrigue (2021)

A blog that details the newspaper articles and events as they occur in Weightopia.


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Date (Article #)
Date (Article #)
4/4/21 (Article #33)
Rotund Reflectors Make Remarkable Reveal
Weightopia's group of Massive Mirrors have showcased more about their reflective properties and a solution. "These clothes act more like a filter for sunlight, toning down our appearance while also making it more obvious to others that we're not going to break from the slightest touch. We can thank the inventors of this town as they came up with it to help us," stated Shimmer Gleam. Glass Glow said their clothing will be expensive but since they're the only ones needing it, it will be fine.
2/26/21 (Article #32)
Sexy Sweethearts Gain Popularity and Weight
Residents found a group of ponies that were deceptively small but with abilities to make themselves fatter. "You can call us Group J with J being for jelly as ours are kind of like that given that we can change shape with ease. Mostly, the process is used to size up the ponies we're with to get an idea of how big to be so they're covered with fat but not suffocated by it. Of course, we can be just about any fat shape we need to be and thus have chosen our sort-of default weight for this town," explained Wiggle Bell. Wobble Jam said the process doesn't take long at all, just 30 seconds to read over the opposition before the body adjusts.
2/18/21 (Article #31)
Rotund Rainbow Lathers on Lotion
Rainbelly tried a new product called Navelin, a type of body lotion that adds sheen and depth to the user's body. "It's like adding shading to the body but it also accentuates the bright colors so that you look like you were polished. I don't know how long an application lasts but it's done wonders for me. Now I'm visible at night and it makes my navel look even deeper," remarked Rainbelly. Diamond Fluff said they all had some after seeing how Rainbelly looked and then went for a photoshoot.
2/10/21 (Article #30)
Jiggly Inventors Add to Tiny Tubby Camera
Weightopia's group of inventors have made an extra belt for those that maybe want more transparancy. "There's now a translucent belt so that it looks like the camera is just sitting in the navel on its own but in reality it's not. The belt will blend in with the user's body and virtually disappear," said Digital Surprise. Belly Bitmap added that both versions will cost the same but the new belt is currently in limited supply.
2/2/21 (Article #29)
Rotund Reflectors Prove Problematic in Sunlight
Residents found out the hard way that putting their new friends in direct sunlight was a bad idea. "They made the light blinding so we couldn't be near them if they turned the right or wrong way depending on how you look at it. We may have to use sunglasses if they're going to be out, or they may need to minimize their reflectivity somehow," stated Sunny Belle. The Massive Mirrors as they call themselves said they're looking into clothing that filters the sun's light instead of reflecting it.
1/25/21 (Article #28)
Plump Professor is Mysterious Manipulator?
Mrs. Prime Mary has faced questions regarding the interruption at her school and her own actions. "How could I have caused my own interruption without knowing it and why would I do it? I have an academy to teach. I wouldn't have time to come up with something like this and I highly doubt my students would either considering what it takes to get into Weightopia Academy in the first place. Besides, with the town still having its own issues, that's the last thing I'd want to happen," remarked Mrs. Prime Mary. The Grayscale Girls added that all they know is some anonymous source sent them the info and they opted to put the article out there not to cause controversy but to see if anyone knew anything else.
1/17/21 (Article #27)
Big Inventors Showcase Tiny Camera
The next group to arrive brought plenty to the table, literally. "We like to invent things but we kinda invent things that contribute to each other's projects. For example, I invented the Belly Cam and my friend Digital Surprise added a belt to help it stay in the navel. We don't charge for what we freely make but we do charge money for custom made inventions," explained Honey Link. Sunshine Love added they'll help out to ensure the best for the town, but note it could take awhile.
1/9/21 (Article #26)
Rotund Reflectors Receive Remarks of Remorse
A new group of ponies with mirror-like properties have been met with sadness due to their seemingly fragile nature. "They look like they could break with even minor touches. They must be incredibly dangerous," remarked Mrs. Prime Mary. Mayor Goldie Rain inspected them more closely and assured they were not at risk of breaking and noted that their reflectivity was just a special property they had that happened to look incredibly realistic.
1/1/21 (Article #25)
Group G Gloats about Carnival Cash
Weightopia's 2nd newest group claims to be responsible for the carnival idea. "We know how to make cash so of course we were the decision makers. Anyone that doubts us can look at the very design of the bills. They have our signatures on them and are 100% legit," stated Gem Wand. Glamour Game added that it's cheaper to make their money than to find it elsewhere.