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Regular G3 Ponies 15
Love Sparkle
Hair: Pink and dark red
Eyes: Light purple
Body: White
Personality: Loves arts and crafts, especially with her cousin Valentine Heart

Fun Fact: She could leave behind enough sparkles to fill several shakers!
Rainbow Sunshine
Hair: Yellow and blue
Eyes: Pale blue
Body: Orange
Personality: Loves playing in rainbows that appear after it rains

Fun Fact: If there's a double rainbow, she'll play in both!
Fun Flower
Hair: Light yellow
Eyes: Dark blue
Body: Pink
Personality: Likes playing games
Fun Fact: Her best game is the game-within-a-game that uses several games together to create a new game!
Wish Finder
Hair: Purple and green
Eyes: Brown
Body: Blue
Personality: Loves playing the piano
Fun Fact: The more challenging the music piece, the more she wants to play it!
Peachy Swirl
Hair: Dark red and light yellow
Eyes: Pale blue
Body: White
Personality: Loves making sweet frozen treats
Fun Fact: The freezer she uses has two compartments, one for already frozen foods and
one for ones she's working on!
Hair: Pale blue and blue
Eyes: Pale pink
Body: Light green
Personality: Enjoys making artwork with sparkles
Fun Fact: She can get plenty of sparkles from the Sparkleberries she grows!
Sweet Sensation
Hair: Light blue
Eyes: Light purple
Body: Dark red
Personality: Struggles to get recipes right
Fun Fact: She generally puts the ingredients in the wrong order!
Twinkle Pie
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Pale green
Body: Blue
Personality: Grades teeth based on health
Fun Fact: Her grades are placed on a report card she gives you afterwards!
Rainbow Song
Hair: Green, blue and pale pink
Eyes: Gold
Body: Pink
Personality: Consistantly tries to get the right notes for her songs without success

Fun Fact: She struggles with even basic songs!
Sunrise Sparkle
Hair: Teal and dark teal
Eyes: Bright green
Body: Yellow
Personality: Loves sunrises, puts on a show at the start of them

Fun Fact: She calls her shows "Sunrise Show Spectacles"!