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Regular G3 Ponies 16
Mr. Shine
Hair: Dark pink and pink
Eyes: Light blue
Body: Bright green
Personality: Likes to make products that keep things shiny

Fun Fact: Sometimes he'll use his products on himself!
Mr. Radiant
Hair: Brown and green
Eyes: Purple
Body: Blue
Personality: Very anti-profanity, especially with his daughter

Fun Fact: If it becomes excessive, he'll take away other privlages from his daughter too!
Mrs. Radiant
Hair: Gold
Eyes: Red
Body: White
Personality: Loves solar power, or anything products related to the sun

Fun Fact: As punishment for when her daughter misbehaves, she makes Bouncy Radiant work with her at her company for the whole day!
Honey Fluff
Hair: Orange and gold
Eyes: Dark blue
Body: White
Personality: Loves to dress up in costumes, notably animals

Fun Fact: She may even try to imitate the animal she's cosplaying as!
Jiggly Belle Lee
Hair: Orange and pale orange
Eyes: Purple
Body: Light blue
Personality: Advises those with unpolished goods to get them polished

Fun Fact: He'll even look for things that are finished but could be better!
Mr. Darling Diamond
Hair: Dark purple
Eyes: Orange
Body: Dark green
Personality: Tends to be more stern towards those that don't take care of their teeth

Fun Fact: For those doing well, he may tell a joke or two!
Mr. Game
Hair: Gold and green
Eyes: Salmon
Body: Brown
Personality: Supports board games over video games

Fun Fact: Whenever Mrs. Game plays against him in a board game, he makes her bet her video game console or one of her video games!
Mrs. Fondue
Hair: Yellow and gold
Eyes: Pale yellow
Body: Blue
Personality: Does not like using cheese when cooking

Fun Fact: She won't even eat anything if someone else cooked with cheese!
Radiant Crystal
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Pale blue
Body: Dark purple
Personality: Loves to be helpful around the house, especially with her father's work.

Fun Fact: She's helped her father with all his experiments involving crystals!
Mrs. Crystal
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Red
Body: Yellow
Personality: Studies how crystals refract light
Fun Fact: She sometimes joins in with Diamond Crystal in the experiments so that she can benefit too!