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Summer Sunshine Sweetie's Ask Session

Q4: Mario-McFly: Besides summer, what's your favorite season?

A4: Where did you get that I liked summer? I don't like any of the seasons.
Q3: Hotmail12345678: Why all this hate on dental stuff?

A3: It's boring. There's also no good flavors of toothpaste. Plus it's the same old thing every year. "Brush your teeth each day to keep them in your mouth." Yawn.
Q2: Hotmail12345678: Do you ever get kicked out of stores for hiding dental stocks?

A2: They'd have to catch me first and even then, I doubt they'd kick me out just for that. My mom always scolds me for it, though.
Q1: Hotmail12345678: Why haven't you teeth fallen out?

A1: Blame my mom and routine trips to the dentist for that. I didn't want to but my mom always dragged me into the car, literally. I hated the toothpaste.