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Ms. Sheila's Belly Beginnings
My love of teaching goes way back to when I was a student at Derek's School for Advanced Learning. His teachings bored me constantly and I ended up sleeping during many of his classes. Not even his threats were exciting enough to keep me from falling asleep so once I graduated, I decided to become a teacher and make it much more fun. Of course, that meant additional studying but since it was for my future career and my professor was much less boring, it was easier to focus. Since classes at this level were 2 hours long each, I found myself having to eat a lot when I had free time. That led my weight to climb to where it is today. I arrived in Pudgyville where I learned the current teacher was leaving soon as were her students since both of them found it stressful to live the lives they were currently in. When they left, I decided to take over but there weren't any students to teach just yet. Eventually, I met mayor Eduardo and he helped advertise the town to bring in students. Obviously it worked and in no time at all, I had a full classroom. Of course, even with a new class, it's never certain how they'll react to a new teacher but I was met with lots of praise over time. Once I learned that fat was accepted in town and was the preferred theme, I decided to have my lessons be not only educational but related to that theme.