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A blog that details the newspaper articles and events as they occur in Pudgyville.


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Date (Article #)
Date (Article #)
4/16/21 (Article #416)
Big Berry Transforms Thindependence Day
Berry Cutie, whom had previously never been able to gain weight, has now become the mascot for the holiday. "We felt she should star in it. After all, she's basically why the holiday was invented, in addition to Flippy's actions years ago," stated Ms. Sheila. Berry Cutie says she was accompanied by Flippy Dove Treat and is serving to be Flippy's apprentice during the holiday's festivities each year.
4/08/21 (Article #415)
See-Through Sweetie Digs Deeper into Scandalous School
Pop Drops has done all she could gather more info while at the school. "With help from Eduardo and others, I was able to become pretty much invisible, including with my eyes, which had to use the stuff on a pair of glasses. It was risky but worth it I think. No one even knew I was there, or didn't know enough to question what was going on. It's the most invisible I've ever been and now we'll soon have all the info we need to shut the school down," explained Pop Drops. Eduardo says they asked Jelly Belle Lee to make the formula they needed, which was then applied to Pop Drops to make her appear virtually invisible for several hours.
3/31/21 (Article #414)
Spooky Sweetie Talks Terror and Trouble
Spooky Sweet, whom had previously always showed her worries, has finally spoken out about why she does what she does. "I was lucky to find someone in this town that related to me in some way. That's mostly why I didn't talk to anyone else, even though I'm sure they were nice ponies. I always get this gut feeling something is going to happen. I don't know why or how but then I get confused when it happens differently or doesn't happen at all. I don't know if it's a mental thing or not," shared Spooky Sweet. Flora said it mirrors how her eyes behaved before they were fixed in that she was seeing distorted images of everything, leaving her to be afraid continuously.
2/22/21 (Article #413)
School Bell-y Proves Particularly Problematic
Ms. Sheila had brought in the School Bell-y with the hopes of things going smoothly for at least the first day but this wasn't the case. "Her belly kept knocking things over and/or pushing them out of the way. I know she doesn't mean it and she does fix them when it happens but it really shouldn't happen at all," stated Ms. Sheila. The School Bell-y said that she may have to wear something that restrains her belly, which'd be contrary to the town's philosophy.
2/14/21 (Article #412)
Plump Perfume Princess' Booty Bell Fixed
Sweet Aroma has gotten a new Booty Bell for her perfume store and has found it to be better than the old one. "The old one had the booty lay flat but now it's thicker and is positioned like I would my booty, when I don't fall over that is," explained Sweet Aroma. Darling Diamond says it's much more reminiscent of Sweet Aroma's booty and is louder so that it doesn't need to be hit as hard. Sweet Aroma also noted that it's very durable so it shouldn't break down as easily.
2/6/21 (Article #411)
Fatty Six Battle with Big Booty
The Fatty Six have taken their first time in Patricia's Booty Battles game and had little trouble overcoming their opposition. It was a bit of a struggle at first but I think our shear size and weight were too much," explained Fatlight. Rotundity said they unwittingly ended up damaging the inflatable pools after taking down their final opponents in the championships. Eduardo said they needed to upgrade the pools anyway, both for size and strength, and is working to make them bigger and stronger than ever before.
1/29/21 (Article #410)
Fatty Admirer's Parents Pay Pudgyville a Visit
Bob's parents, whom had been unknown until now, have made themselves known and revealed more about Bob himself. "We're Mr. and Mrs. Tulip. I'm sure you've already met Bob as he's pretty clear about his actions in this town from what we've read. Bob had gone to Pudgyville after hearing about a pony that intrigued him, the one known as Jasmine. He didn't know he'd eventually fall in love with her, or that she'd be so stubborn to love him back. I think he's taken the ordeal quite well and he's made lots of friends," explained Mrs. Tulip. Mr. Tulip said they came to check up on Bob and were relieved to see he wasn't harmed in any way.
1/21/21 (Article #409)
Fatty Duo Digs Deeper into Device Dilemma
Rotundity and Mocha have had a closer look at their device's issues. "Looking at the various menus that come up, we found we can ovveride the command to produce the vulgar message and prevent it from reoccuring, at least temporarily. This means we can open up the store for custom clothing again but we do still have to be careful about not letting the vulgar messages appear on the clothing," explained Mocha. Rotundity said they had to film their actions with the scanner and then play it back slowly to see if anything was missed when they were working on it.
1/13/21 (Article #408)
Jiggly Cutie Jumps for Joy
Ms. Sheila has found a possible pony to help her run the school. "She's called the School Bell-y and with good reason because her belly rings like a bell when hit. She als has her own belt to cancel out the noise during class so that it doesn't get annoying or cause problems," explained Ms. Sheila. The School Bell-y says she'll be with Ms. Sheila in the class room to mostly help with passing out papers and such. Ms. Sheila went on to say that she hopes the School Bell-y can fill in for her when she's out, however rare that may be.
1/5/21 (Article #407)
Rotund Residents Fearful Over Found Fatties
Another town has appeared and it's not the one Overflowing Love and Bouncy Love agreed to create. "We don't know what it's called but something feels off about how the residents behave there. It's like they're us but more strict," explained Mocha. Jasmine says they're seen in groups but don't seem to talk to the other groups near them. Floaty Spin has added that some seem more dominant over other groups than others.