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A blog that details the newspaper articles and events as they occur in Pudgyville.

12/24/22 (Article #442)
Plumpsatubby: Baring Belly, Booty or Bummer?
Plumpsatubby's holiday came and went and residents were eager to see if he'll come out this time around. "He was still sick last year so we were hopeful he'd gotten better since then. Luckily he came through with a bit of both views. Thus, we had both celebrations this year. We loved both of his decisions and they make the entire day enjoyable no matter what happens," stated Ms. Sheila. Jasmine added that Cotton Candy Cream offered to pose as him last year but was turned down as they felt it wouldn't be the same feeling. Plumpsatubby said he's unsure what he had that made him so ill and hopes it won't resurface in the future.
12/12/22 (Article #441)
Rump Remodeling Brings Bunches of Burdons
Gala and her mom are seeing the struggles of what it takes to redesign a building essentially from the ground up. "It takes time to order everything we need to have it redone. Eduardo's helping too by getting the orders but then it's waiting and working the rest of the time. We just keep reminding ourselves what we have in mind and what the result will be to keep us going," stated Galapeno. Mrs. Spice said the downtime they have allows them to plan out where things will go and how they will look so they'll be ready to make it happen.
11/30/22 (Article #440)
Fatty Festivities Gain Weight of Honor
New Gainer's Day found a new tradition to add in the form of an award for the pony that showed the most promise for the new year. "It can be anyone in town and it's based on what they did during the year before. They get their picture included on New Gainer's Day and the remaining days of that week. There was also a vote in the days leading up to the decision and Ms. Sheila was chosen," explained Eduardo. Jasmine said Ms. Sheila was chosen for her hard work to teach them as well as maintain and run her school/college each day.
11/18/22 (Article #439)
Pudgemas Problem Presented by Pair of Plump Ponies
Residents were puzzled and shocked to see two identical St. Pudgemas' in the same town but had no idea which one was the actual St. Pudgemas. "Since she's only around one time of year, we couldn't really tell the two ponies apart. Even the tiniest detail was correct. Luckily we found out it was Cotton Candy Cream dressing up as her that was causing all the confusion," stated Mocha. Cotton Candy Cream said she wanted to see what it was like to be her but had no idea how to act like St. Pudgemas so when the real one showed up, she decided to play along.
11/6/22 (Article #438)
Spicy Sweety Remodels with Rumps
Galapeno has opted to remodel her restaurant to be more appealing to customers. "The restaurant does seem rather plain and I feel at least adding some sexiness outside the actual service would be better," explained Gala. Mrs. Spice said her routine just wasn't enough either and feels that with some new highlights, the restaurant can truly stand out among the rest.
9/25/22 (Article #437)
Flanksgiving Features Fat Fanny Festival
With more bountiful booty than ever before, Flanksgiving was able to expand the festivities. "There was enough rump for 10 towns. It was a sight to behold, or to just hold if you were the significant other," stated Ms. Sheila. Bonnie added that the event was captured on film as well as in photographs and will be a highlight for the following years. Darren said most were wearing thongs instead of their usual panties just for that extra exposure.
9/9/22 (Article #436)
Plump Physics Teacher Release Rotund DVDs
Pudgyville's physics teacher has opted for merchandise on her lectures. "Seeing as how teaching them up front went so well, I figured others might enjoy them too. These ponies in Pudgyville really set a good example for how it all works. It's a great way to learn in a visual and sexy way," explained Squishy Drop. The Fatty Six said they'll be buying the DVDs as a reminder of their own size and to help support the pony that gave them the knowledge.
8/26/22 (Article #435)
Naughty Night Brings Jiggles of Justice
Residents dressed as their fatty superhero counterparts at Ms. Sheila's school and were given a candy hunt to start off the night. "Apparently other places go door-to-door for candy but this was way better, especially with all the skin we show when bending down to pick the candy up," stated Galapeno. Darren said he was less interested in the candy and more interested in her hubby's attempts to get the candy. Bob added that Jasmine teased him with her body and the candy.
6/25/22 (Article #434)
Sexy Social Sweetie Says Goodbye to Fatty Feed
Ocean Shores, whom had intended on making her social media site a success has instead opted to sell it for a low price or even give it away with the login info to whomever wants it. "I just can't entirely understand why it didn't work but I think it's for the best. Never had a single user use it so maybe it was the overall idea that didn't work or maybe no one knew it existed or didn't know how to use it? Either way, it's not working out and I'm hoping someone here can take over and make it even better still," explaind Ocean Shores. Eduardo said he can have Michelle look into it as she tends to have a lot of spare time after cleaning the house each week.
6/13/22 (Article #433)
Big Brown Boy Poses for Photoshoot
Truffle got Mocha to take photos him for her new photo album to remember him well. "He's my big boy and of course I was going to help him out as he's so sexy in girly clothing. He chose all the best poses and outfits as he wanted to be as sexy as possible, taking just a few photos per outfit but boy were they delightful," remarked Mocha. Truffle said Mocha's photo album is titled "Truffle's Triumph" in reference to his past and present life.
6/1/22 (Article #432)
Maid's Mayor Finally Fixes Financial Fears
Eduardo has returned and was able to provide what Navelle needed to be at least moderately successful. "They're more of makeshift houses than anything but it'll get ponies started and they've all been painted so they at least look nice. There's also some electrical equipment inside so they aren't totally bored. Hopefully it'll be enough to have this town on more stable ground for the future," told Eduardo. Bouncy Love and Overflowing Love told Eduardo they'll make up a new poster to advertise their new housing and say they love that Eduardo dropped by but added that still have no idea which pony to be mayor.
4/20/22 (Article #431)
Big Bell-y Brings Bad News for Tubby Teacher
The School Bell-y's modifications have not worked and now Ms. Sheila has considered sending her out of the school. "She means well but it seems her belly moves too much to be useful. "I haven't fully decided on what I want to do with her, but she said she's willing to leave if I feel it's necessary to keep the school running properly. I'll need a replacement if that's the way I decide things to go," explained Ms. Sheila. Shellabye said she's willing to help out being the partial historian she is and said it'd be a much better fit in every sense of the word.
4/8/22 (Article #430)
Rotund Residents Release Luscious Lineart
A coloring book has emerged for sale thanks to residents in town. "We got Mrs. Jiggle to help out with the drawings but we also pitched in with our own drawings. It wasn't easy since most of us hadn't done it before," explained Mocha. Mrs. Jiggle said she let others make the drawings, then she fixed what was wrong to get them accurate for their own appearances.
3/27/22 (Article #429)
Mayor's Maid Makes Mess for Months
Eduardo has gone missing to help the Deep Navel Divas sort out their mayor issue and left Michelle, his wife, in charge. "I guess I'm not really cut out for this stuff. I hope I can make the town somewhat presentable again until my hubby returns. Good thing I'm a maid though as I can at least help clean up the mess," stated Michelle. Jasmine said they all helped to clean things up but noted that they were unable to clean up the mess regarding their code of conduct, which hadn't been properly followed.
2/17/22 (Article #428)
Jiggly Physics Teacher Overflows with Info
Pudgyville's new physicist gave residents a visual look at how fat jiggles using her own body. "It makes it even more sexy knowing the story behind why fat jiggles differently from pony to pony. It sure helps explain why my rump jiggles and sways more than my belly," remarked Mocha. Rotundity said the info was just as sexy as the presentation and said they were used as other examples.
1/20/22 (Article #427)
Cactus Cuties Become Prickly Pear
Cutie Steps and Cactus Cathy had a bit of a run-in with their beloved garden and wound up worse off. "We were walking along the path we usually take to marvel our garden and one of us tripped, causing both of us to end up hitting one of our cacti. We actually got cactus needles on us and they sure did hurt. It took a while to get them all off but we helped each other where possible," explained Cutie Steps. Cactus Cathy added there will be a fence added to the whole perimeter where the accident occured to minimize the chances of cactus needles ending up on anyone.